5 things to consider when relocating in your senior years



Relocating can be appealing in many ways. Moving can bring you closer to family or an area more desirable for your lifestyle. When you are thinking of relocating, it is wise to think of the positives and negatives of where you currently live. Before you take that step to relocate, there are five things you should consider.


When choosing a new location to live in, you should consider the climate and the distance to the airport if you are a frequent flyer. The availability of doctors and hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores are also important considerations.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2018, more than 250,00 older adults (aged 65+) were treated in emergency departments for crash injuries. Congested freeways and cities with a high volume of pedestrians and traffic lights might be areas to avoid.

Building structure and amenities

Specific needs and wants change throughout your lifetime. What was once desirable 20 years ago is not necessarily desirable today. For example, your current home might have stairs and you’d prefer a single-story home in retirement.

Floor plans today are adopting open concept designs with more space inside to move around comfortably. Communities with sidewalks are more appealing than taking your daily stroll on the road. All of these could be beneficial if you use a walker, wheelchair, or scooter. Building layout and amenities are more important than ever as you age. 

Health Insurance

You will want to contact your insurance agent and carrier agent or carrier and let them know you’re moving. They’ll let you know if you can keep your current coverage or need to replace it with a local company. 

Medigap plans can be used anywhere in the country. However, a Medicare Advantage plan usually location-specific; if you move out of the plan’s service area, you will need to buy a new plan. 

You’ll also want to compare insurance costs so you can budget accordingly. 

Family and Lifestyle

For some people, living closer to family in retirement is a major reason to relocate. Having family close by is great for everyone. You can spend more time with your grandkids (and even babysit from time to time) and your family members can give you a hand when you need it, too. 

Personal interests also affect your choice of home. You may want to play golf or tennis year-round or look for places with great hiking and skiing. If you’re thinking of relocating, make sure your destination has all the things that are important to you in retirement.  


Is relocating going to be more cost-effective? Planning and budgeting before you decide to relocate are critical. You will want to keep in mind the property taxes and estimated mortgage or rent depending on where you are looking. You want to develop a realistic estimate so you know your income is adequate for your expenses in your new home. 


Planning is crucial before relocating, no matter the distance. Think of your desires and wants, but also the necessities and what is realistic for you.



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