7 Trendy Minimalist Ideas for Your Bedroom 


The concept of minimalism started in the 1950s. However, it did not become as popular as when Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, was published. It has inspired numerous people, specifically millennials, as well as businesses to practice the decluttering lifestyle trend

Minimalism revolves around the idea that “less is more”. It also supports the principle of keeping everything simple and saving more spaces. Minimalist rooms are usually quite elegant with fewer colours and maintained tones. For disciples of this movement, minimalism encourages a better lifestyle by leaving plenty of breathing room for everyone in the house.

As one of the most important rooms in a household, bedrooms are highly encouraged to be kept with only a few necessary pieces of furniture. The bed, wardrobe, table, and chair are some of these. Unlike the traditional bedroom set, people nowadays value a clutter-free bedroom. This solidifies the idea of getting a restful night in a tidy and spacious area.

So, if you’re planning on redecorating or redesigning your most favourite area in the house, and you love the idea of simple spaces, we’ve got a few minimalist ideas that might help you!

  1. Limited palette 

For a truly minimalist look, keeping your colours in two to three tones that match is the idea. The usual neutral colours include a mixture of black, white, and grey. Natural wood tones with touches of white is also a good combination. But if you prefer pastel colours, make sure to use two or three colours only. Do not use complex colour combinations as it beats the idea of keeping things simple.

Tip: Keeping your palette coordinated not only applies to your paint but also on the colours of your bedsheets, pillow covers, rugs and other decorations.

  1. Few wall decorations 

The number one rule in a minimalist bedroom is to keep everything simple. So to start with your redecorations, make sure to keep your bedroom walls bare as much as possible. You can hang a few photos or artworks that are highly important to you but it is recommended to keep more than half of your walls bare. Avoid over decorating!

Tip: If you’re already using wallpaper in your bedroom, avoid hanging anything. But, if you really wanted to, just pick an artwork with very simple lines and not with eccentric patterns.

  1. Choose a simple bed/bed frame

A bed is the most important furniture in your resting haven. So before picking a colour palette, choose a bed first. Opt to get a simple and sleek platform bed, either with a bed frame or without which will complement the colour combinations in your head. You can also choose to get a bed with built-in drawers so you won’t be needing any extra storage in your bedroom.

  1. Space-saving furniture

To maintain simplicity and less bulky looking furniture inside your bedroom, built-ins have become the new trend. Some Australian households adapt these designs to customise their rooms. This includes drawers, bedside tables, and built in wardrobes Sydney. Other people also choose to anchor their headboards to the wall, as well as shelves.

To avoid occupying more space, mounted reading lamps have also become popular with avid readers and homeowners.

  1. Houseplants 

For a more serene and relaxing sleep in your now spacious bedroom, putting plants inside your room is recommended. Most houseplants provide different purposes in an indoor setting. One of the most popular bedroom plants is the Spider plant which infuses the bedroom with fun and fresh air. But if you want to pick another, here are some of the best plants for your bedroom.

  1. Put a large rug under/on the foot of your bed

Add a little more character to your simple bedroom with a rug under or on the foot of your bed. This serves as a focal point on your most important furniture inside the bedroom. It also makes your bedroom cosier and more appealing to the eyes.

Tip: Make sure that your rug accentuates the same tone of your bedroom.

  1. Small table & chair or a bean bag 

If you’re an avid reader or you find it relaxing to work inside your bedroom, then a simple table with a chair would work best for you. On the other hand, a bean bag on the corner of your room could also be a great reading area, if you love to do so.


There are numerous ideas to transform your bedroom into a very minimalistic approach. Yes, it could take time and will cost you more, but there are always cheaper alternatives. Just always keep in mind to make it simpler, cosy, and perfect for your liking.

So if you’re ready to get your bedroom redesigned, but haven’t decided on the details yet, here are more minimalist bedrooms to inspire you. And if you’re also checking on customised built-in wardrobes for your bedroom, you can contact Silva Wardrobe for affordable yet top-notch services.


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