Essential Asbestos Removal Options You Can Go for Now


Asbestos is a mineral often at the center of attention and study due to its particular and contrasting characteristics. Asbestos has excellent properties: it resists heat, the action of chemical agents and is essentially indestructible. It is quality that together with its cheapness have recommended its wide use in various fields. In the construction sector, the mineral was used together with cement to produce cement – asbestos products. So far a fairly normal aspect emerges, but the question is much more complex and alarming.

The Bad Effects

Unfortunately, this mineral is also sadly known as the fiber, killer, a nickname earned for the ability of asbestos to release fibers that are highly dangerous for human health. These fibers are responsible for serious diseases, especially damage to the respiratory tract. Symptoms that occur many years after exposure to these fibers, we are talking about 10 – 15 years for asbestosis and even 20 – 40 years for lung cancer. And the delays in the removal of asbestos in Italy weigh like a stone, with the price paid in terms of loss of human life still very high, about 4,000 deaths a year. The 32 million tons that threaten the Italian territory and the many sites at risk are also worrying. With these numbers, the dramatic situation of asbestos mapping appears clear, among other things concluded only in some Regions and therefore destined to worsen. This is why it is better to call the local asbestos company for a fast asbestos removal now.

What the Data Says

Data jumped out who want to strongly draw the attention of the Government to counter the spread of this poisonous material in the best possible way, urgent and necessary measures are needed to avoid having to regret innocent victims every year. We need financing and suitable solutions such as the one, advanced, of incentives for the replacement of eternity with photovoltaic roofs.

The asbestos-cement products used in construction are made of materials which, when new or in good condition, tend not to release fibers spontaneously. All dangers arise from the exposure of materials to atmospheric agents, with the consequent progressive degradation caused by rains, thermal changes and so on. Therefore, over time the artifacts undergo various corrosive alterations, developing the phenomenon of the liberation of the fibers.

Choosing the Best Solutions

Rushing immediately to prevent the persistence of such risks should be a priority of the Italian government, through a valid national remediation program. To eliminate the risks, environmental remediation, a reclamation plan and a correct program of disposal of the materials containing the dangerous mineral are necessary. The definitive solution, then, is represented by the total removal of materials containing asbestos through the application of alternative materials. Removing the fiber – killer is a difficult but vital task, a complex operation that requires high professionalism and experience: removal activities and authorized parties are governed by precise sector regulations. More than 20 years after its ban, asbestos still worries terribly and the time has come for serious action. The hope is that, on the occasion of the upcoming World Day of Asbestos Victims which is celebrated every year on April 28, a significantly better situation can be recorded.


A problem that is not easy to solve even if in Italy there is no lack of resources to face dangers such as those deriving from asbestos, there are companies in the national territory that specialize in the remediation of sites contaminated by harmful substances.