Here’s What a Good HVAC Tech Looks Like


Your HVAC system in your home is one of the main valves in the heart of your home, and it needs to be serviced regularly to ensure its health. Now that spring is melting away the winter’s chill, what better time to have your unit looked at? Ensure that when you hire someone to take a look at it that it’s a professional who knows what they’re talking about.

Are They Certified?

Since your heating Salt Lake City and cooling unit is such a complex system, it takes a trained eye to understand its complexities. This is where credentials really do matter. A certified HVAC technician is someone who carries a license proving that they have completed the training required and are certified in the state. Note that different states have different standards, so have a clear understanding of what your state laws are for obtaining a license.

What Are Their Testimonials Like?

Everybody loves to see a good example of third-party validation, which is one way that people who carry an HVAC license can promote their services. Do they have a list of happy customers that you can call and ask questions about their work? What are their reviews like on Google and Yelp? These things really do matter and they know it. See what kinds of questions and answers have been offered and how they have responded to any negative reviews.

Do They Know What They’re Talking About?

When you’re shopping around for a pro to get a job done for you, you expect that they know and understand what you’re talking about. Some clear red flags that this person doesn’t have a clue can be not using correct terminology, being vague or evasive when you have questions and worst of all, clearly telling you that they don’t know and do nothing to resolve the question. Yikes. Pay attention to the overall knowledge of the people who come over to do estimates for you. Their body language and methods of communication (or lack thereof) might tip you off to more than they realize.

Take the time to understand what you’re getting yourself into before inviting just anyone to take a look at your unit. It might seem like a waste of time for such a seemingly easy task, but understand that it takes a special set of skills to get the job done effectively. You wouldn’t want just anybody giving you a heart transplant, and the same idea applies here. Leave one of the most vital parts of your home in qualified hands.


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