How To Avoid a Heating System Emergency 


Your Heating System

Perhaps you heat your home with a gas or electric furnace. Maybe you rely on propane for your heat. The furnace or heater is an essential system inside your home. As invisible as it is, it needs attention on a regular basis. When heaters are left to run without an occasional checkup, problems develop. These problems can lead to expenses, inconvenience, and safety issues. 

When Something Goes Wrong

Heating systems can experience a variety of problems. These usually show themselves in one of two ways. Perhaps your heating system fails when you first turn it on in the Autumn. This is often because something started to go wrong during the last cold season. The problem then trips the safety systems that are built into most heaters these days. Many homeowners don’t know how to recognize these situations. They worry their heater is beyond hope, but this may not be the case.

We also see heating systems fail during the time of greatest demand. This happens during the heaviest storms and the coldest days. The system breaks down because it was operating under excessive strain. This is a difficult time to experience a heating problem. Professionals are often extremely busy during cold snaps because many customers need emergency help at the same time. A homeowner may have a long wait before help arrives. The good news is that homeowners can prevent these situations from ever happening.

Ways To Avoid Problems

Homeowners can provide some preventive heater care themselves. This includes:

  • Filling the propane tank before the weather becomes cold
  • Stocking up on furnace filters for the winter
  • Investing in high quality filters
  • Remove clutter around the heater so that air circulation will help it run efficiently
  • Having a professional inspection before the weather turns cold

You can also ask a professional what they might suggest for your specific situation. 

Rely On Professionals

Heating service inspections prevent inefficient systems that cause higher bills. They also catch safety issues. This doesn’t prevent all emergencies, however. Here at Precision Air, we want our friends and neighbors to be safe and comfortable. Call us today for more information or immediate help with a bigger problem. We’d be happy to provide a heating service inspection. We’ll go through a checklist of items, clean the system, and let you know about any issues we discover. We’ll make repairs or replacements while working closely with you, the homeowner. You can be confident about your home with Precision Air backing you up.