Having a garage door is very convenient. However, if you fail to take care of it and maintain it, it can breakdown easily. Here, you will learn various ways that you can extend the life of your door.

Regular Maintenance

If you want your door to last long, you should make sure that the door roller tracks are cleared and cleaned regularly. Also, it would help if you inspected your door’s roller tracks to make sure that there are no obstructions. By cleaning the door roller tracks, you prevent dirt from building up, thus increasing the door’s performance. Regular garage door repair makes your garage door to operate on high efficiency. Remember, when you maintain your system correctly, you minimize the repair costs, making your door to last longer.

Adequately Lubricate Moving Parts

To minimize the friction of your door, you should ensure that all the moving parts are well lubricated. Frequent lubrication allows all the moving parts to move smoothly, thus reducing the operator’s effort to open and close the door. Lubrication of the hinges springs and rollers not only extend the life of the door but also minimize the noises that are exhibited when opening the door. Lubricating all the moving parts also extend the life span of the door.

Check your Door Balance

If you notice that your door has an improper imbalance, you should know that something is wrong. When Opening your door, you should pay attention to see whether it is tilting. You should check the door balance by opening the door halfway and check the door level to the front. To fix the problem, you should adjust the spring torsion. If you are not well versed in adjusting the torsion, you should call an expert to avoid further damage.

Test the Safety Features

It is essential to regularly test features on your door, such as safety sensors, auto-reverse, and override features. Checking the safety features ensures that you are keeping your family safe. If your garage doesn’t have safety features, you should consider getting a replacement.

Inspect the Hardware

Doors are regularly opened and closed many times. Because of the frequent opening and closing, some of the hardware like bolts may loosen. It is crucial to inspect the rollers at least once a year. If you find loose bolts, you should tighten them to prevent further damage. If you notice that your door has worn out chipped rollers, you should ensure that they are replaced as soon as possible. If you see that the weather seal at the bottom is brittle, you should replace it. However, never try to fix high tension cables because they can easily cause accidents. Always call Universal Garage Door Services or your garage professional to replace worn out parts if you can’t fix the broken pieces.

By following the above tips, you ensure that your door is functional and attractive for several years.



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