Tips for choosing the right architects for your commercial project


When you decide to give an update to the existing office or getting the new location altogether, it’s important to choose the right architects for your project.  Architects offer the design services and other building administrative such as construction and planning. Each firm is planned differently and every architect has varied design skill and aesthetic preferences.  You may find different designs from different architects or building companies, so how do you determine which architects is best suited for your commercial project? Here are few ways to better understand architecture field, so that you can choose the best firm. 

Licensed firm

To become a registered or licensed architect in Canada, any person has to successfully complete the specific educational qualifications, and should undergo extensive examinations to gain experience in all aspects of practice. You need to look for registered builder or architectural firm. For example, in Canada the provincial legislature has authority over monitoring the profession of architecture that gives authority and rights to the architectural association to administer all the aspects of building design. An architectural firm or architect who breaches ethical standards can have its licence or membership to practise cancelled or suspended. Make sure to look through their provincial license to choose the authorised builder.

How to find?

You can check online or directory to get details about the practising architect or registered architecture firm in your area. You can also visit the firm’s website to understand what type of projects they have done in the past. You should go through their principals, mission, profile of completed projects, year of establishment, staff information, and architects details, etc. Review the portfolios of their work to choose firm that have served similar projects like you in the past.

Check their previous projects

Online search has made finding architect details a lot easier. Don’t be limited to looking only within your area; push around the corner to get multiple quotes from different firms. You need to look for the firm who holds highest industry design standards and offer you the best construction and design solutions to meet your needs. Be careful of the companies that offer cookie-cutter design approaches. Each project is different and the firm should design structures as per your specific requirement.

Hopefully the above points helped you in the search. If you need architects in Montréal or Toronto area, Stendel Reich commercial architects covers a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. 





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