Understanding Different Types of Door Locks


We all know the necessity of a door lock. Don’t we? A door lock is one of the essential parts of a home and is the first armament against criminals. A well-secured door is crucial for protecting your property and your family from any robbery or physical attack.

As per the security and different types of doors, you will find plenty of door locks available at London Locksmith 24h.You will get a wide range of premium quality locks under 24h emergency locksmith service. 

But with so many options, you might get confused as to which one will fit your requirement.But worry not!

Here we will provide you with an ultimate guide of choosing the correct door lock and, at the same time, give a detailed description of each one of them, which will help you find the right kind of door lock for your home and office.

  • Door Knob Locks: 

The doorknob is one of the most commonly used Banham Door locks which you find in homes, especially in the bathroom and bedroom. Its locking structure is within the doorknob.You will find the knob on either side of the door. It consists of either a single or double cylinder, which depends upon whether you want the door to be locked from inside or outside.

  • Handle Set Lock:

Handle set lock contains handle on the exterior side and a keyed opening on the interior side, which is used to lock. It is quite similar to doorknob but looks more attractive. For extra security measures, handle set lock contains deadbolt instead of spring bolt. From the flowing, classic to contemporary, handle set lock comes in various designs and finishes.  

  • Deadbolt:

If you need an extra layer of security, then deadbolt is the one that you should install. Commonly used in home or business, its secure lock system makes next to impossible for the intruders to break in. It can be either a cylinder or a double cylinder design.

  • Barrel Bolt:

The barrel bolt is located on the inside of the door. It keeps you safe in your home. It consists of two pieces – one that goes on the door frame, and the other one is the central locking that goes on the door. If you want, you can install a barrel bolt at the top of the door or the bottom of the door. The choice is yours.

  • Electronic Lock:

This type of Banham Door lock doesn’t require a key but has a keypad system in which a unique code is added to unlock the door. It locks the door automatically, and you will find these types of lock-in hotels, schools, and offices. But remember, if you forget the code, then it might be a bit tricky to unlock as these don’t come with a combination key system. This type of lock lasts for as long as it operates on battery, and if you are away from home, then you can unlock it using smartphones or computers.

  • Hand Levers:

Hand levers consist of a single hand lever on one side and a simple twist knob on the other side. Hand levers make it a perfect choice for the closet or basement door.

The hand lever is not an excellent choice for the main door as this type of lock doesn’t provide any security. The best part of this doorknob is that it allows you to open the door quickly, which can be useful when you are in a hurry.

  • Padlock:

A padlock is one of the simplest types of Banham Door Locks that you typically see on doors. It can be either small or large and does not connect to anything else, but instead, they lock into themselves. 

Once in a while, we have all been to a hardware store where we have come across different types of lock, which is available in different shapes and sizes. Hopefully, this guide helped you learn about different types of door locks and how each one of them is different from another.

Go ahead, select the one that you think will suit your requirement.