5 Simple Ways to Reorganise Your Bedroom

As the seasons change, it’s a nice time to take stock of your home, ditch what you don’t need, and reorganise your space for calm and neat living. But where to start? The bedroom should be one of the most relaxing, clutter-free zones in your home. Afterall, it’s where you get your valuable shut-eye, and unnecessary junk or untidiness can affect your quality of sleep. Plus, a great way to teach kids the importance of tidying and taking care of their space starts in their bedrooms. Here are our top tips to help spruce up the bedrooms in your home:

Cull Your Wardrobe

We often have good intentions when we hold onto clothes we know we won’t wear again, but now is a good time to be honest and ditch the things that either don’t fit anymore, or you won’t wear again. Donate them to a local op shop, or organise a clothes-swap with some close friends. If you’ve got clothes that are damaged but easily fixed, make the time now to get out the needle and thread and repair them while they’re on the forefront of your mind, otherwise that shirt with the missing button is likely to spend another year shoved in the back of the wardrobe collecting dust! Be mindful and deliberate when hanging your clothes. Perhaps organise by item, putting all shirts together, all pants together, and so on. Otherwise consider organising by season or colour. For the kids’ rooms, get them involved by having them try on each item to see if they still fit, and get their help deciding on a system to hang everything back up.

Organise A System For Clean And Dirty Laundry

To keep from having an overflowing washing hamper in the laundry, make each member of the household responsible for their own dirty clothes. Invest in good quality laundry hampers, and get ones that fit the aesthetic of each bedroom. Laundry hampers don’t have to be an eye-sore, they can fit seamlessly into the organisation of a room. The variety that have lids are especially handy, discreetly hiding the dirty clothes away. If you’re trying to encourage the kids to be responsible for putting away their own clean washing, consider having a separate basket for clean clothes, which can hold the neatly folded clothes, and put in each respective kids’ room for them to hang and put away.

Make The Most Of All Storage Space

A great way of immediately feeling de-cluttered is by properly storing items like clothing, shoes and hats out of sight. If your bed has drawers in the base, use them – any items put away neatly will be less items out on display making the room feel busy. Grab a shoe rack so that your room for storing shoes will be doubled or tripled with shelving, and it’ll be so much easier to keep them organised. For the kids, get them a chest or toy box for their toys, and encourage them to put the toys away when they are finished. This is where those laundry hampers can come in handy, too! Grab several matching laundry hampers with lids and cushion tops, and use one for laundry, one for toys, and one for shoes. If you have a bedside table with drawers, make sure you only use the drawers for things that need to be there, such as charging cords or the book you’re currently reading. Keep other clutter like documents in their own home in the study or office. If you have space under the bed, store seasonal clothing and shoes in tubs. This will keep them out of the way when you don’t need them, but easily accessible when the seasons change.

A Space For Throw Blankets And Decorative Pillows

If you have decorative cushions and throw blankets on your bed, create a spot for them to go when not in use. A basket for extra cushions will keep them from being strewn on the floor, and will make it easy when re-making the bed. A standing towel ladder is a great way to store throw blankets – these ladders stand against a wall, and allow blankets to be hung off them. You can also use the ladder for storing scarves, handbags and hanging tomorrow’s outfit – and they come in so many designs to suit the theme of your room. The decorative cushion basket idea can be used in the kids room to store soft toys that live on the bed, and is a great way of getting kids excited about making their beds in the morning – they can unpack their cuddly friends from the cute basket onto the bed.

Use The Wall Space

This one can be tricky, because sometimes less is more, and you don’t want to add unnecessary decorations that become clutter. But to brighten up your bedroom, consider adding art or photographs to the walls. Another option is to add stylish shelving, and have a select few items on display, such as a family photo, a few books, and a small potted plant. Start with a minimalist approach and see how you go – you can always add more later if you feel the room needs it. Shelves in the kids rooms can be really handy for storing books and toys, and this way you can rotate what the kids play with so that they never get bored. Once you have culled, reorganised and decorated the bedrooms in your home, you are sure to feel lighter and clutter-free, promoting good sleep and a calm mindset. Once the bedroom is done – move onto the next room! These same principles can be applied throughout the house to achieve the stress-free home of your dreams.