Adopting Off-grid Energy Sources for Residential Homes


    Our society’s increasing dependence on fossil fuels leads to air pollution and the depletion of our natural resources. This is why the call to shift to renewable energy was heeded by many. Wind, water, and solar power are perfect sources of energy because they are renewable. Here are some of the best reasons why adopting off-grid energy is ideal for residential users:

    Clean and Abundant

    Solar energy is a popular choice among people who want to go off-grid. It’s a self-sustaining and efficient system because it collects heat from the sun. The accumulated energy is stored in batteries that can power lights, home appliances, and sometimes, an entire home. Installing solar panels for home use is also cost-effective as it reduces a home’s dependence on on-grid power.

    No energy is wasted because the system recycles the excess. A solar-powered system is also quiet, which helps reduce noise pollution.

    Affordable and Easy to Maintain

    Many countries around the world have established large-scale wind farms to provide power for their cities and industries. For residential users, a small-scale wind turbine system is enough to power their daily needs. Before they can switch to a breeze-powered house, homeowners need to check if their location is viable for wind power.

    Online wind maps can help them see if wind energy is ideal for them. The initial investment of a residential wind turbine system is between $5,000 to $80,000, depending on a home’s energy requirements. The upfront cost can cause a sticker shock, but it will pay for itself in the years to come.

    Free-flowing and powered by gravity

    What flows freely and powered by gravity? Water. Aside from the sun and wind, water is a plentiful natural power resource. Small-scale hydro plants or micro-hydro systems are ideal for community or home use. All it needs is a brook, stream, or river as its power source.

    The continuous flow of water rotates the system’s turbine to generate electricity. Micro-hydro systems can generate consistent power, 24/7. This type of system can cost up to $30,00, which is enough to power a small community or farm.

    Renewable Energy Systems Helps Increase Property Value

    Installing a solar, wind, micro-hydro, or hybrid renewable power source helps increase a property’s market value. Property hunters want a home that can pay for itself – in terms of power usage – and help them save money for other needs. This is especially important if the property is far from the primary grid or alternative power producers offer higher rates to its users.

    In some states, they buy excess power produced by properties with these types of systems. It becomes another income channel for potential buyers. Reliance on self-produced energy and a great location will help sell a property immediately.

    Renewable energy is cheap energy. These renewable energy systems enable homes to produce their energy, removing their reliance on the main grid. Also, this helps reduce our carbon footprint and fossil fuel emissions. Switching now means saving our natural resources for the next generation to enjoy.




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