• Low on Refrigerant:

First-place is a unit low on refrigerant or low on Freon. And here’s something you should understand about that and AC is a permanently sealed system

Meaning whatever Freon is in there, stays in there for the life of the unit, it’s not like gasoline where you have to occasionally pour cement

So if some is missing that guarantees that you leak somewhere, either in the outside unit here, and the coil that’s on top of your furnace on the line set in between. Usually, one of the braze joints.

So you could call it a technician and get that refilled, but do keep in mind that with time, that inevitably will leak back out, usually it only lasts one season, because it is a pressurized system.

So even during the winter, it’s slowly leaking out. 80% of the time the leak is found in the coil, which is on top of the furnace. That leak, typically cannot be repaired and you have to replace the whole coil.


The metering device is either a piston or a tsp that goes in front of your coil if that’s restricted you will need a technician to fix that for you. It is a pretty involved job and you need to refrigerant gauges and other tools that most people usually don’t have.

  • Very Dirty Furnace Filter:

A Very dirty furnace filter is a very easy thing to forget about and some people forget about them for a long time, like a year or two. And when you pull that thing out, it’s like whack.

When your airflow was restricted that much, It almost like the blower motors not even running, so the coil on top of the furnace will freeze over, so don’t forget to change your furnace filters regularly

The worst one we’ve seen is it was so plugged that the blower motor sucked the whole filter in, and it got wrapped all around the shaft and man it was hard prying that filter off that chap, and by the way, the filters are directional usually there’s an arrow on the filter, that arrow should be pointing towards the furnace or the blower motor, because usually, that side will have a net on it, to prevent it from being sucked in.

And when people ask us what is the best filter to use our general recommendation is a medium grade pleated filter.

Air Conditioning Technician Indian – فني تكييف هندي

In our team most of technicians are from India and Indian Air conditioning technicians are well qualified for this job

  • Compressor Shorted to Ground:

So we’ll come to somebody’s house and usually, the complaint is that the basic circuit breaker just keeps tripping.

So you go to the breaker you reset it. Turn the AC on and slam right away tripped the breaker again.

So we would come out here check for any broken or burnt wiring, and then take the top off, take the wire connectors off of the compressor pins, and then we checked those compressor pins to the actual casing of the compressor, to see if the windings are shorted to the casing of that compressor if they are that the compressor is shot and it needs to be replaced.

Central air conditioning repair – تصليح تكييف مركزي

Window Air conditioner and central air conditioning is almost similar job and we can help you for all types of Air conditioner repair services.

  • Tripped Ac Breaker:

Now, most of these trip breakers tend to be just a nuisance trip. So you’ll reset the breaker and it’ll work fine for the rest of the season, but if you reset that breaker and it trips again.

Then you do have a problem and you should investigate because there’s probably a short somewhere, most likely a wire is broken, corroded off or melted and it’s touching some metal and it’s causing the AC to trip, or it’s like the scenario that I previously mentioned that the compressor is shorted to ground

Maintenance of air conditioning – صيانة تكييف

Air conditioning maintenance job is not easy job to handle costumer requirements because it is not sure when anyone air conditioner can go down a quick response must require to reach costumer door step to help.







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