Best place to buy property in St. Maarten


St. Marten is the most beautiful place for buying property. It is a beautiful island which has two sides one is French side and the other is Dutch side. So, before purchasing, decide which side you have to invest in. St. Maarten has the heavy tourism it will be very beneficial to invest in Saint Maarten real estate. There are many beautiful places in Dutch side which are suitable for real estate investment. You can easily buy property on both sides of the island but the Dutch side is the most recommended investment because there is a strong hope of changes in this side. Here are some of the beautiful places where you can get a suitable property according to your taste.

Cupecoy Bay

It is located on the western side of the island near the border of Dutch and French. Cupecoy Bay is a beautiful island of white sand beach with 10-20 feet of golden sandstone and cliffs. Beach is famous for its surfing. This beautiful island has changed its construction scenario in recent years. The western end of this island is best for the clothing industry. The beautiful view of the island attracts the people for real estate investment. 

Mullet Bay

This is a moon shaped island in Dutch side which is known for its wide sand beach and waves. It is one of the prettiest bays of St. Maarten. It is covered with palm trees and shady grapes. It is a famous surfing and swimming spot. It always has a weekend party for the visitors. For the construction of hotels and clubs Mullet bay is the best place to invest. It is the most beautiful place for holiday. The panoramic view from the beach makes it look more beautiful. It is the best place to invest in real estate. it is very easy to purchase property here.


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