Are gutters necessary for your home?


Whether you have just bought your first property or you are a long-time homeowner, you may be wondering whether gutters are really necessary for your house. What is the deal with them? Why do we have to clean them? They seem like more of a nuisance from clogging and attracting nests than a help by actually protecting your home as you need to find a profession for the gutter installation. However, they do actually have a key role in securing your building and defending your home from any signs of water damage.

What is the function of a gutter?

The most basic function of a gutter is to direct rainwater away from your home. The water from the roof is channelled into the downspout and away from the structure of the building. This is crucial so that the rain does not cause damage to your house. This prevents the roof from leaking, as well as damage to the foundations of the house. If water was to simply run off your roof it would cause the soil in the garden below to erode, essentially flooding towards your house rather than letting the water drain away from it. This can lead to the foundation starting to settle, eventually causing cracked walls and floors inside your home. This can also result in leaks within basement rooms of your home, where the water has seeped through.

Guttering is especially necessary if you have little to no overhang on your roof, as after heavy rainfall the water would directly pool next to the walls below, causing mini trenches to form. Some of this moisture will inevitably find its way inside your home and can lead to mould and mildew within your building. This can also ruin any flower beds that you might have decorating your garden, as the soil quality will be damaged from the dirt and debris brought down from the roof.

Aside from safety issues, not having a gutter would also most likely ruin the aesthetics of your home. With nowhere to drain, the rain water would be full of dirt and could ruin and even erode the sides of the building, which would look unsightly. If your home has wooden panels on the outside, then these would be more likely to rot and need replacing over a long period of time. 

It is very easy to forget about the gutters on your building whilst everything is running smoothly. It is advised that gutter maintenance is performed at least twice a year because clogged guttering can be just as detrimental as not having any guttering on your building at all, if not more so. Many people find themselves concerned that guttering is unattractive on a building, however ensuring that you keep the gutter in good condition and free from debris can avoid them from standing out and looking ugly. After all, a well-kept gutter is more appealing to the eye than a building without a gutter but instead has rotting wooden panels, discoloured paintwork and damaged flower beds.


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