Plumbing Tips for Beginners


 Are you planning to become a plumbing expert? Chances are you will save lots of money when you know how to take care of your faucets or overflowing toilets. But if you are not able, the one thing you can do is to hire plumbers in Brighton to come and help you. You need to learn how to take care of plumbing issues before they become something only a plumbing company can solve. In this article, we will share with you beginners tips you can use to solve most plumbing problems you experience. I know the idea of tackling tough plumbing problems may scare you, but you can remove small clogs and leaks without calling a professional. Here are the tips:

Know-How to Replace the Inside Parts of the Toilet or Faucet

Removing parts of any pipe in your sink or shower can be messy if you make a mistake. But there’s little damage you can do either on your shower or sink if you choose to replace a toilet’s flapper or faucet’s cartridge.

Most households have worn flappers which cause leaks between a toilet tank and the bowl. A new flapper will cost you a couple of bucks. The added benefit of buying a flapper is that you can follow instructions for replacement.

Removing Clogs

Clogs are common plumbing issues most households have. If you have a drain that’s clearing slowly, you don’t need to buy a high-end chemical drain cleaner. The thing you can do is to manually unclog the drain using a drain snake. All you need is to insert the drain and pull back the clog culprit attached. If you would rather avoid the hassle, then you can use a wet or dry shop vacuum that will suck the clog out.

Learn to Loosen  Tough Water Pipe Fitting Using Heat

If you can’t get the trap under the sink or pipe loose even if you tried with a pipe wrench, you can apply heat. The heat will loosen up the pipe. All you need to do is get a small propane torch and then apply a small amount of heat for a few minutes and see if you are making progress.

When you buy a propane torch make sure you have a heat-resistant material. You will use it to protect the nearby walls from incoming heat. Bear in mind that you only need to heat on metal pipes alone. Don’t try to do this on gas or non-plastics pipes.

Have a Thread Tape at Home

One item that you need to have at home is the thread tape. You can use it to seal pipes. If you happen to do most DIY projects, you will notice that a thread tape will work well. One thing you can do is to buy a white multi-purpose thread tape. The thick tape is either yellow for gas or pink for water. Use one of the thick options because they make handling easy. When wrapping the tape, roll it counterclockwise three times for a better seal.