Bread Machine for Sale Use Rice Flour to Make Tasty Dishes


    Bread Becker started with bread making equipment like bake-ware and grain mills. In due course of time, it transformed itself into a comprehensive nutrition lifestyle network. It has bulk purchasing co-operative locations distributed throughout the country. Bread Beckers is also an online store for a bread machine for sale and other high-quality cookware items. Besides, it is a retail store for grains, beans, and other organic products. We at Bread Beckers organize events to mark special occasions and conduct contests from time to time. During Christmas, last year to conduct the Holiday Recipe Contest 2019. The participants of this contest do not have to be present at the annual Christmas Class to enter a recipe. Also, they don’t have to enter a recipe to attend a class.

    Holiday Recipe Contest 2019

    The Holiday Recipe Contest had 6 recipe categories. The contestants at the Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 entered 3 recipes per household. The categories were the main dish, appetizers, side dish, quick bread, yeast bread, and desserts. It was easy to participate in the contest. Participating in the contest did not involve purchasing Bread Becker’s stuff. All the participants had to do is to email their respective recipes along with the subject line “holiday Recipe Contest 2019”. Recipes that were submitted during the contest used healthy ingredients. They were devoid of white sugar and white flour.

    The contestants had to mention the preparation time of the recipes, they had to mention the baking or cooking time, the servings that were made, any gadgets or tools that were used. The entries were submitted by the contestants by 15th September 2019. All eligible recipes that were submitted as part of the Holiday Recipe Contest were compiled by the Bread Becker into a cookbook (Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 Cook Book) that was sold by Bread Becker. The submitted recipes became the property of the Bread Becker who can use the same for promotional purposes. By participating in the contest the contestants agreed to Bread Becker’s proposal of using, reproducing, printing, publishing, distributing, selling the contestant’s recipes.

    The Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 was followed by the judging of the recipes. The judging procedure kept secret the identities of the original entries. The recipes were prepared by the staff of Bread Becker and were judged based on a few factors like the ease of following of the recipe, overall presentation, and appeal of the finished dish, the use of ingredients and tools, products or equipment that were sold by Bread Becker. The most important factor that judged the recipe contest 2019 is the taste of the recipe.

    The voting process involved the selection of 6 finalists by Bread Becker staff. Each of the selected finalists was chosen from one out of the 6 categories. The voting was open to all the attendees at the annual Christmas classes to determine the winner of the grand prize. If you were not able to attend the annual Christmas classes because of distance or other reasons then you could have used social media voting tools. It was big fun at the Christmas Classes. Besides, the contest there was food as well as door prizes for the attendees at the Christmas Classes. Contestants received a copy of the Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 Cookbook at the end of the contest.

    Most Recipes at Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 Were Made From Rice

    Many of the recipes that attracted attention at the Holiday Recipe Contest 2019 were made from rice. If you are a chef then you may know about the recipes that you want to make. But for those who try-out recipes by watching-out the experts preparing tasty dishes, they need to know the rice they use for preparing dishes.

    Learn About the Rice

    In this context, it is relevant to add that rice has three main varieties and they are the long, medium and the short-grain rice. These varieties are different from each other in the shape and length of the grain. While cooking rice dishes the chef attaches significance to the texture of rice. The starch content varies from one rice type to another. Shorter and plumper kernel has more quantity of starch. The quantity of starch that is present in rice determines whether the rice is sticky, light or fluffy.

    Types of Rice

    Following are the types of rice:-

    Long Grain Rice –Such type of rice has elongated grains. Such grains have significant starch composition and hence it is light, separate and fluffy when cooked.

    Medium Grain Rice –Medium grained rice is relatively short in size when compared to the long-grained rice. Such type of rice is moist, they are tender than the long grain. Medium-grained rice has an enhanced tendency to stick together.

    Short Grain Rice –The short-grain rice is the shortest of the three types. Such type of rice is ideal for making sushi. The short-grained rice has a sticky texture upon cooking.

    Sticky Rice –This type of rice is also referred to as the sweet rice. It is short-grained rice and is mostly used in the preparation of traditional desserts, dishes, and sweets. Upon cooking such type of rice remains sticky and is often ground into rice flour.

    When it comes to cooking with rice, the aroma is an important factor. There are some varieties of rice like basmati, jasmine that gives pleasing fragrance when cooked.

    Basmati Rice –Basmati rice is long-grained rice. When cooked this type of rice gives off a pleasant fragrance.

    Jasmine Rice –This type of rice is also known as Thai rice. It is a long-grained type of rice. It has a slightly sticky texture. It imparts an aroma and flavor when cooked.

    Rice flour is used for preparing a variety of tasty dishes. It is used in gluten-free baking. In this context, it is relevant to add that when brown rice is milled into flour then the nutrients and the oils oxidize quickly and this process reduces the nutritional value, flavors. Freshly milled long as well as medium-grained brown rice flour is ideal for baking purposes. On the contrary, short-grained rice is not that good for baking purposes. Rice flour is used for making quick bread, pancakes, muffins but that flour has to be finely ground. The bread machineuses rice flour to prepare bread and other tasty dishes at the Bread Becker.