Consider Switching to LED Lights – Here’s Why


The LED (light-emitting diode) is one of the most rapidly-developing and energy-efficient lighting technologies of today. High-quality LED lights are more durable, last longer, and offer better light quality compared to other kinds of lighting. As such, they are safer, more energy-efficient, and brighter than the ordinary bulbs you might be using at home.

So, if you are still relying on traditional lighting technologies, it’s high time to switch to better and more efficient smart lighting systems. And, here are a couple of reasons that will convince you further about making the switch.

Long Lifespan of LED Bulbs

One of the most significant advantages of LEDs in comparison to traditional lights is the extended lifespan. The smart LED bulbs can last from 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours at the minimum. This figure is at least two to four times longer than most fluorescent lights, metal halide, and even sodium vapour lights. It has about forty times longer lifespan than the average incandescent bulbs.

The fact that you will have to change the lights on your LED panel less frequently means you get two advantages. Firstly, you will incur lower maintenance costs in terms of labour. Secondly, the cost of replacing the parts will be lower, as well, because the bulbs will not fail so easily.

Energy Efficiency Factor

Smart bulbs consume lower amounts of power than any other option you will find in the market. In this regard, there are two terms that you need to understand: useful lumens and luminous efficiency. These two aspects basically describe the amount of light that gets emitted per unit of power consumed by a bulb.

Useful lumens refer to the amount of visible light within a ninety-degree radius in a given direction. And luminous efficiency is the efficacy of a light source to produce visible light. LED bulbs win over the conventional options on both these grounds. So, they are as well-suited for false ceiling lights as for the study room lights.

Safety Aspect of LED Lighting

Safety is usually a highly overlooked advantage of switching to smart lighting. The emission of heat is a significant hazard in any kind of lighting. Conventional bulbs convert over ninety per cent of the total energy used by them into heat. So, they have a meagre ten per cent left for lighting up space, which makes them immensely incompetent compared to LED lights.

Moreover, the fact that they need less power for effective operation even on the low-voltage electrical system makes them worth the money. The reduction in the consumption of heat also makes the LEDs brighter than your traditional options.

Design Flexibility of the LED Bulbs

As LEDs are compact in size, you can use them in almost any application that comes to your mind. You can create a panel of LED lights somewhere in your home or have false ceiling lights to make your space look attractive and bright. The size of the conventional lights is mostly bigger than the LEDs.

Next Generation of LED Smart Lights

You have even more reasons to switch to LEDs at present because of the smart LED bulbs. The smart technology in LED bulbs like Immensa Smart Bulb from Crompton would make you never want to go back to traditional lights. Along with the energy efficiency, longevity, ability to get tuned and dimmed, and safety factor of the smart bulbs, they also contain added features like voice-control support and smart control on the bulb’s brightness and colour. This 9-watt bulb is available within a price range of INR 800 -1100/-.

Thus, you can think of it as the next generation in the world of LED bulbs. So, you would be missing out on a lot if you still plan to stick to traditional options.

Effective Tips on Choosing the LED Bulbs for Your Home

Since you have a clear idea about the advantages LED lights can offer you in comparison with traditional bulbs, let’s help you out with choosing the right LED lighting. 

You should start by making a list of the types and number of bulbs you have around the home. Note the voltage and wattage of the bulbs while you’re at it so that you have an idea about the kind of LED panel or lights you are looking for. If you don’t change all the lights at once, you should at least change the ones you use the most.

Next up, you should decide on the colour of the light you want. Though you can get lights in both warm and cool colours, a better option is to go for smart bulbs because there are products that can get you multiple colour choices in one bulb. The LEDs you choose have to be tunable and dimmable because that is one of the main reasons why you’re moving away from conventional lighting.


LED smart lighting is an immensely useful technology that is quickly becoming the choice of both commercial and residential property owners. And, once you join the bandwagon and make the switch to smart LED bulbs and LED panel, the energy bill of your property will indicate that you’ve made the right decision.