Easy Steps To Install Over-The-Range Microwave


It is often simple to replace a new microwave oven with an already installed hood vent using the right tool kit and, of course, a helping hand.

However, for an over the range microwave that comes with helpful accessories, such as mounting brackets, templates, instructions etc., the task becomes a little arduous but not impossible. You need the right space with adjoining cabinets and an extra room for ductwork connections. If you have all that, installing an over-the-range microwave is a piece of cake.

Here are some easy steps you must adhere to while installing it. Check them out.

Locate the Studs

First thing is to simply secure the mounting strip to wall studs. Use a stud locator to find the wall studs in the space below the cabinet. Then, mark the wall with a pencil and extend the lines downward on the wall surface.

Paste Paper Template On Wall

An over-the-range microwave comprises two paper wall plates – one to paste against the wall surface and second to apply to the base surface of the upper cabinet. Use a tape to paste the first template against the wall.

Paste Paper Wall Plate To The Bottom Of Upper Cabinet

The second template has all the necessary details that you need to drill holes to the bottom of the upper cabinet for electrical cords and venting. Use the indicators on the template to make holes on the designated areas. Along with that, drill indicated holes for mounting bolts.

Determine Cut Openings For Ventilation

The microwave has a fan of its own and because the microwave sits above the range, both appliances should vent outside, be it above the ceilings or at the back of the wall behind the oven. While preparing for that, you will need a jigsaw to cut an opening, depending on how the ventilation system and ductwork is designed.

You might need to have a vent collar or transition fitting or need to make certain adjustments to the ventilation system before placing the appliance up into the place. Call an expert help if necessary.

Installing The Mounting Brackets

Using the instruction menu, install the mounting metal on the back wall. Ideally, the strip should be placed where you have installed the studs. If that doesn’t work fine, then look out for additional wall anchors that the manufacturer has provided with the set. But, it is necessary for metal brackets to be attached with at least one wall stud.

Placing The Microwave Oven

Since the microwave is heavy, you will need a helping hand to lift it up into the right place and at the same time feeding the electrical wire up through the drilled hole in the cabinet. While one of you is holding the oven, the other can reach around the back and hook the oven properly on the bracket.

Fasten The Top Mounting Bolts

Every over-the-range microwave set has self-aligning mounting bolts to make sure your oven is perfectly placed on the horizontal surface. While your helper is still holding the microwave, reach out for the upper cabinet and attach the mounting bolts in the drilled holes. As soon as you are done with that, your partner can let go. Make sure you tighten the screws with a wrench.

Attach The Duct

Now, the final step is to fix the oven’s vent outlet to the ductwork. Make sure your microwave is vented through the ductwork. If needed, ask for professional assistance to do the transition fitting. Tin Snips and metal screws can be used to shape and fix the pieces together, along with sealing the joint using the metal tape.

Plug in the microwave wave and do the testing.


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