Exploring the Different Flooring Options and Their Benefits


Choosing the ideal flooring option can be a little challenging. Everyone wants their floors to appear beautiful, but there are so many choices that can make one confused. You must hire a professional Idaho flooring company to accomplish your project.

Flooring Types to Consider

There are manifold types of flooring and you need to choose the best type of Idaho flooring. For instance, the warm and classic appearance makes hardwood consistently popular, but it is not preferable for moisture or rough treatment.


Solid wood is undoubtedly a popular flooring type, construction-wise it is quite simple. Wooden planks or boards are nailed and installed to a wooden subfloor.

Hardwood flooring comes in planks or strips, made from different types of wood including domestic species like maple and oak or exotic varieties like purpleheart and Brazilian cherry.

Solid wood flooring is sold finished as well as unfinished. For unfinished flooring, you have to sand, finishing it after the installation is done. Finished flooring is less expensive, involving less work. Moreover, factory finishes ensure more durability compared to anything you can do yourself. You can also consider Black Wood Flooring which has become very popular these days.

Benefits of Using Hardwood

Most importantly, it provides a beautiful appearance in different styles of homes along with different decorations as well. Hardwood is considered a long-lasting material for flooring; it allows refinishing up to five times for removing surface scratches.

You can easily clean hardwood floors; you just need to sweep them daily, mopping up spills promptly. It is also possible to install them yourself; it will definitely save you some money.

Best Place to Use

Hardwood flooring is best for places getting less traffic like your living room, bedroom, dining room, or halls.

Ceramic Tile

The ceramic tile contains a blend of clay and shale which is fired in pottery like a kiln. This material is solid, offering a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns.

Ceramic Tile Types

Glazed ceramic tile has a glass-like coating, giving the tile virtually any texture and color. Flooring with glazed ceramic tile requires no maintenance.

Porcelain tile is fired at a high temperature that makes it durable. This tile can resist stain and is suitable for outdoor rooms.

Quarry tile has a rough texture that makes it capable of resisting slip. Though, you may not get a huge variety of colors to choose from.

Terracotta comes in earth tones only. It is less viable compared to other tiles and requires daily sealing for preventing stains.

Benefits of Using Ceramic Tile

First of all, you get to select from a great array of colors and shapes, so it can fit with the style of your home. Creating different patterns is also possible for modern printing technology, mimicking the appearance of real stone or wood.

Tile is considered the most durable flooring type that can resist scratches, moisture, and dents. Moreover, ceramic tile flooring can be cleaned quite easily. Porcelain and glazed ceramic tile need little maintenance.

Best Place to Use

Porcelain tile can be a great option for areas that get high-traffic such as mudrooms and kitchens. You can also consider this tile for wet environments such as laundry rooms and bathrooms. It is also suitable for a sunroom or an enclosed porch.