What are the benefits of wooden floors?


    There are many reasons why people are shying away from laying carpets or using tiles or linoleum on their floors. Some have read about the dangers or carpets, i.e. how much dirt and bacteria they can carry. Others are afraid of the ever-changing linoleum or tile styles and want a style that can stand the test of time. For whatever reason, you are wondering why you should choose wooden floors over other floor types. Here are five benefits;

    Wooden floors are more durable 

    If you are looking for a flooring option that is resistant to wear and tear, then wooden floors the best choice for you. The type of wood, wood species and finishing may help make the wood more durable. For example, hardwood floors made with solid wood are very durable. When finished with polyurethane, they get a topcoat that makes them resistant to scratches and stains. Also, different wood species have different levels of durability.

    They are long-lasting

    Well installed and maintained wooden floors can last for decades. During installation, you have to consider the wood type you are using as well as the wood species. High-quality wood floors may be expensive to install, but their Return of Investments (ROI) makes them worth it. They may need to be refinished every couple of years which contributes to their long-lasting quality as finishing helps the floors endure wear and tear better. 

    Maintenance and hygiene.

    If you are prone to allergies or have pets and kids around, then you should consider wooden floors over carpets especially. Think about how hard it can be to get stains and odours from carpets. With good finishing, your wooden floor can be impervious to liquids and resistant to stains. It is very easy for dust, lice and spores among other microscopic things to stick to your carpet but on your hardwood floor, they have nothing to stick to. Not to mention the fact that cleaning your hardwood floor need only need a mop or a brush. 

    Wooden floors are timeless

    How many times have you gone to someone’s home and thought that their tile or linoleum patterns were outdates? Yet, if you think about it, no matter how long wooden floors have been in use, they can never look old-fashioned. So rather than worry about having to replace your tiles every few years to keep up with the Joneses, invest in hardwood floors and save that money for your next renovations.

    Wide variety to pick from

    When you choosing wood floors, you have a great variety of options to pick from. For example, you can choose what type of grains the wood should have, the type or size of the planks, the species of the wood, the finishing, the length and breadth of the planks and even the arrangement of the planks. What’s more, you have a choice from budget-friendly to exorbitant depending on you. 

    If wooden floors have not gone out of style by now, it safe to say they may never will. Consider installing hardwood floors to your home today. It may be the best investment you ever make.



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