Factors to consider when building a steam shower


From the time of the early Romans and Greeks, people have relished steam bathing for many years. In ancient civilizations, steam bathing was both religious practice and a social endeavor. Over time reasons for steam bathing have changed. However, most of the benefits have remained the same. Many kinds of research have shown that steam baths are as good as our ancestors believed.

Steam showers can offer wellness and several health benefits. To fully enjoy them, you require to make the proper installation. To achieve this, you should consider the following before building a steam shower

Access to the utilities for the generator

You need to ensure that your steam generator has easy access to electricity and plumbing. The connections include a steam line from the steam room to the generator, a water line to the steam generator, and a drain line. For the electricity supply, you should have a 240-voltage source with the right circuit breaker.

Shower ceiling height

The ideal height of the shower’s ceiling should be less than eight feet. If you install a taller one, you will need a steam generator with a higher rating to accommodate the larger volume.

Seals on the shower windows and door 

You should make sure the shower is well insulated and enclosed so that vapor does not leak through the wall and reduce your steam experience. 

The shower ceiling slope

The shower ceiling should be inclined to ensure that there is no dripping of condensate. 

The type of ceiling and wall materials to use for your steam shower

You should avoid using porous materials like granite, concrete, or marble for the ceiling and walls of the steam shower. The higher the porosity of the used material, the more heat it will dissipate and the larger the generator you will require. It is advisable to use materials such as porcelain tile or ceramic that will instead heat.

Where to install the steam generator and steam shower kit

The steam generator should be installed within 20 meters of the steam room, like in a heated attic, vanity, or closet. You should ensure that it is in an upright position. Avoid installing the generator inside the steam room or cold location where water might solidify.

Location of the steam head 

It would be best if you put the head of the steam nearly 6 to 12 inches above the floor and opposite the resting area. 

Position of your steam control

The position of the steam control is an individual’s decision. You can install steam control, where you will conveniently control your steam shower experience.

It is advisable to keep the steam control away from the direct steam flow and in the range of four to five feet above the floor. 

How to prevent falls and slips 

It would be best if you considered putting anti-slip strips on the steam-room floor to prevent slipping.

The seat

If you want to relax and embrace the benefits of a steam shower fully. A good sitting area is key. To maximize the shower space, you can consider fold-up seats or install a built-in bench that is slightly inclined and comfortable