Four Pieces of Furniture You Need to Have in Your Home Office


Maybe you had a study or some other space in your home which is adapted for work, but even if you haven’t, with the changes and restrictions due to the pandemic, more and more people are forced to work from home, full time or partially. It can be comforting and convenient, and most definitely the safest thing to do, but it may not always be the most efficient nor the most comfortable option if you do not have the right conditions.

In most cases it would be ideal to have a room of one’s own, but if that’s not possible, at least reserve a peaceful corner of your home and make sure you have the right environment to get the best out of the new circumstances. Here is what you need, according to a reputable furniture store in San Diego.

A Proper Work Surface

A desk is certainly a must in every home office, but even an improvised work surface will do if your budget does not allow for anything more. The important thing is it is high enough and spacious enough for your needs. If you only use your laptop, your desk does not need to be too large. If, however, you use another screen, plus all the things you will want to have at hand, then you should consider having more free surfaces, as you do not want to feel claustrophobic at your workplace.

If you have a desk built-in, you can build the rest of your home office around it. A corner desk would allow you to have one part for your computer, and the other for any necessary paperwork you need to have at hand, as well as for a printer if necessary.

A Comfortable Chair

Home or real office, this is an absolute must. Companies normally try to provide comfortable chairs for their employees, so you should do the same for your work from home. Alternatives such as dining room chairs are really not a good option, at least not for long, and the old desk chairs are probably already worn out and not comfortable enough for the 8 or more hours of barely uninterrupted sitting.

So try to get a new comfortable desk chair which will make sure your back posture is right and not too tiring, as well as provide solid support. Of course, it should fit your budget, but there really are so many options now.

Storage Space

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if we didn’t need paper anymore, if we didn’t need the hard copies and all that? However, no matter how technologically advanced we become, we just cannot part with paper, which is positive in some cases, but not so much at the office. Long story short, we won’t get rid of all that obligatory paperwork so easily, we need to have it close, but we also don’t want a mess in the home office.

That’s why drawers, ideally as a part of the desk or joined with it. In them, you can place all the documents you might need often enough, and organize them in such a way you can easily find them. You can also have some open or closed shelves for the folders, books, and the likes.

Let There Be Light

Yes, obviously, you will need a good lamp, especially in the cloudy fall days when the sun sets much earlier even if it does shine occasionally. This important for your eyesight as well as for your mood. Of course, a desk lamp is only for close work, and it is not enough, so you should make sure the ceiling light in your home office is strong enough and well dispersed. You can also add some wall lighting if you like. However, most importantly, do not forget the natural light. Make sure your home office has one or more windows which will let the daylight in whenever possible, along with some fresh air.