Grout Cleaning- An Effective Method to Get The Sparkle Back In The Tiles


Tiles are a lot more than a simple wall or flooring decoration; the use of the right tiles can easily become the centrepiece of your bathroom or kitchen. And cleaning grout is a vital part of keeping the tiles look healthy and beautiful. Although the marks show up rarely on the black grout, grey and white grouting can easily get stained and can make the appearance of the rooms dirty.

So, the tiles need attention. Maintaining the grout and tiles regularly will help to delay the discolouration process as well as will prevent the growth of mould. And a good tile cleaner can help you in cleaning the Bathroom Tiles effectively.

The best part of the tiles cleaners is that here you don’t have to scrub the tiles for hours. These days, the majority of the commercial cleaners contain bleach as the main ingredient. So, by using this type of product, you have to spend less time scrubbing and you will be able to deal with the dirt from the outdoor floor tiles easily and swiftly. All you have to do is to follow the safety instructions mentioned on the label of the product.

Now let’s have a look at the procedures of cleaning grouts effectively:

Select the right cleaning agent:

Often common grout cleaning products cause permanent damages to marble, granite, and other stone tiles. So, you should never use any product with acids or ammonia such as lemon juice, vinegar, or alcohol as the acids of these products eat away the calcium carbonate of bathroom tiles making the grout porous and more fragile. Rather, select a stone-safe and non-acidic grout cleaner product.

Frequently seal the grout:

It is impossible to remove most of the stains from grout, therefore it is necessary to prevent those as much as possible. So, the best method to guard against the grout stains is to opt for regular sealing with the help of a stone-safe sealer.

 You can start the process by thoroughly clean the bathroom tiles with a cleaner before applying the sealer. Once you apply the sealer, wipe the tile with a lint-free clean cloth.

Agitate away the dirt from the grout:

For the deepest cleaning of grouts, use a clean and small nylon brush to agitate away both the dirt and debris from the grout lines.

To do this, you should spray a stone-safe grout cleaner along the lines of the grout and allow the cleaner for several minutes before scrubbing the grout of the Outdoor Floor Tiles with a nylon brush. After that, rinse the tiles with water. Never use any abrasive product so that the tiles don’t get scratched.

Keep the tiles dry:

The last tip to keep the grout clean is to prevent the growth of mould and mildew in the grout along with the stains. Natural tiles are often porous and therefore these absorb liquids.

So, every time the tiles become wet, wipe those with a squeegee and let the grout and tiles dry completely between uses.


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