The Cost of Moving and What You Can Do to Lower it


Moving to a new home can be a stressful event for everyone, and it can also be very costly. The average cost of moves is $1,250, and this is only if you’re planning to move somewhere near your state. For long-distance moves, it can easily cost you $4,000 above. So when should you consider hiring someone to make a move for you and doing it yourself? Here’s a simple run-down.

Movers vs. DIY

The most cost-effective time that a move is much cheaper than hiring a mover is when you are only moving a couple of blocks down the road. This is because the amount of money you spend on utilities is maximized by the short distance you have to travel. This also means that you don’t have to worry about multiple runbacks for the other items you might have left behind. But if you’re planning to move somewhere further than that, you’re better off hiring a professional to help you out.

The cost of moving is exceptionally cushioned by a working truck and an expert team of movers. This is the reality of it, and many Americans don’t own any of these things. A moving company can certainly decrease the cost and amount of time you have to spend on your next big move. This is because you are getting a bargain when it comes to all of these things combined.

However, it is undoubtedly true that certain moves can be cheaper if you do it yourself. It may seem that way for most moves simply because you can’t put a price on how much time you’ve dedicated to making your move. But in most instances, you’re better off hiring someone else to do it. If you want to maximize the amount of money you want to spend on your move, you can do so by following these simple tips.

Items that Can Increase the Price of Your Move

First, let’s go through a list of household items that are expensive to move. We can make a whole article out of this topic alone, but we’re just going to do a short run-down:

  • Mattress- Mattresses are a serious problem, especially if you’re planning to make a move alone. If you’re planning for a long-distance move, consider buying a new mattress instead.
  • Flat-screen TV- Save the original packages for these things because it will help you with the move. If not, then consider the possibility that it won’t make the trip in one piece.
  • Bulky musical instruments- Bulky musical instruments such as a piano can already take an entire truck to load. Consider this if you’re planning to buy one right now.
  • Aquariums- This depends on the size of the aquarium. If it’s pretty big, consider buying a new one instead, because you can’t expect it to survive a long-distance trip.
  • Anything big and pricey- It all comes down to how big the items are and their cost. If they are some family heirloom or have some historical value, consider letting a specialized mover do the job for that.

The key for these kinds of items is to either buy a new one or manage not having them for a while. The former choice is better if the item you have to move is already old and has outlived its use. Unfortunately, the latter means that you’ll probably have to dedicate a whole day of moving for just these items.

Have a Garage Sale Months Before the Move

If you want to earn a bit of money to pay for the move itself, consider selling items you don’t need or items from the list above. Many people are moving to do this all the time. It’s also healthy to do it every five years or so if you’re considering getting rid of items you don’t need. For example, furniture is one of the best-sellers in garage sales, and since they are quite bulky, consider selling some of them to leave some space for other items. You never know this might pay for the move itself.

Bulk Move

The main reason why your move can be quite costly is that you might be doing it in two trips instead of one. This in itself already doubles the time spent when it comes to moving, and it also almost doubles the cost of the move. This can also be problematic if the move happens on different days. What you can do instead is to plan for a bulk move or moving everything all at once. This can be challenging depending on how many items you have to move.

Don’t try and manage with your SUV or pick-up truck for a bulk move. You’ll do more damage than good. Hiring a truck driver and truck can certainly make everything a lot simpler. If you want to save more money, consider driving the truck yourself if you’re comfortable enough doing it. Bulk moves are always the way to go when it comes to reducing costs for a big move, and you’ll never go wrong when doing everything on one go.

Moving is never easy, but if you do your logistics right, then you’re set out for success. Plan your move months and consider the things you want to sell before then. This will help you save enough money for it, so your move can technically pay for itself.