What are the factors that magnetize termites at your home?


Being a homeowner, having a property of ourselves is known to be the biggest investment. The entry of termites quickly destroys the value of your home. Termites are dreaded pests responsible for damaging many properties. This might focus your concern on calling the professional companies whom you can trust to resolve the termites’ issues. But, before that, it is exemplary to know the factors that invite termites to your home. Let’s get started.

  1. Moisture

The first factor that is very common is moisture. The reasons behind its occurrence are leaky pipes, poor airflow, and improper drainage system. All results in moisture and termites get attracted automatically towards such places. Basically, you will find damp wood and subterranean termites in a moist environment.

  1. Wood piles

The biggest pulls for termites are woodpiles and firewood. From them, they can easily migrate to our housing structure and start destroying them. If you want to avoid this, it is better to keep the stack wood 20 feet away from your home.

  1. Tree leaves and limbs

The trees at your garden can quickly transfer the termites from the roof inside your house. By regular tree trimming, you can cut the pathway from where these small creatures can migrate your home.

  1. Presence of cracks in building constructions

The crack or fissure find in home foundations can become new home termites. If there are subterranean species, they will start building mud tubes for moving insides. Even the gaps between windows and doors permit the termites to enter and increase their colonies.

  1. Darkness

Many insects like to live in darkness, and termites are counted amongst them. This is so because; they simply hide from their predators. Moreover, such areas have moisture that attracts termites. You will find winged termites commonly in the darkness.

  1. Having plant-based materials

If you think that termites only limit to the wood diet, you are wrong. They also survive on leaves, paper, bark, cardboard, and anything prepared from plant materials. So, it is good to keep your home clear from such materials.

Homeowners must regularly monitor the conditions of their home to cut down every entering mode of termites. Check the moisture level, minimize the humidity, cover the exposed wood, and fill up the gaps. However, you can contact the pest control professionals like Gold Coast Pest Inspector, who are efficient in termite pest control.



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