Why Our Homes are More Important Than Ever  


 Our homes are directly connected to our wellbeing. They are places that should make us feel safe and happy. When we go out into the world, we take risks, encounter others, and experience new events, all of which have the potential to upset our balance. Being able to return home and recuperate in a place designed to bring us joy is one of the best forms of support and comfort.

As the world seems to become more challenging and many countries remain under lockdown, the significance of our home’s influence on us is more apparent than ever. Any issue with structure and location are exacerbated as we are required to spend more time isolated. No longer are homeowners able to forgive a drafty window or a cramped kitchen, not now that a pandemic is keeping them inside.

Now, retailers are beginning to see a significant rise in the number of home renovation tools and equipment ordered as people around the country begin to use their time to repair and redesign their homes. Alongside growing fears of a housing market crash, many are also wanting their house to be at its most appealing, should they wish to try and eventually sell their property.

How Are They Changing?

Among this wave of renovations, there are a few key trends taking place. The most popular is establishing a home office. Remote working has made its way into the mainstream as businesses have begun to see its benefits on productivity and overheads. It seems likely that businesses will not continue this arrangement once lockdowns are lifted but also that many more will join them. Interestingly, as many residential homes are unable to spare a room, some are setting up new rooms, such as log cabins, in their garden, turning them into dedicated working spaces.

Others are bringing their hobbies and interests into their living spaces. As gyms remain closed and cinemas are unlikely to reopen anytime soon, their presence in people’s lives is being missed. Homeowners are installing their own fitness equipment and building basement film screening rooms to keep up with their regimes and favoured activities.

There is a snowball effect happening too. As more people begin working from home and building their own yoga studios, more companies are matching their interest. Delivery services are being better established and products are being created to cater to home-based hobby interests. Digital services, such as live-streaming classes and video conferencing are also becoming cheaper and more accessible too.

Why Is This a Good Thing?

There is some worry about the closing of businesses and people are speaking up about the missed social spaces. While their displacement is certainly a loss for towns and cities, they will certainly return in some form. However, high streets recover, our homes will be more appreciated than ever.

Residential spaces will encourage interests and more people will be happy within their home. This time is prompting people to improve their living spaces and, in the long run, it will be a huge benefit for homeowners. The neighbourhood will benefit too and we are already seeing local interest internet groups appear where locals are exchanging their homegrown plants for paintings and swapping language classes for fitness tutorials.

Our homes support our wellbeing and, as we begin to feel better as individuals, able to pursue our hobbies and feel happier each day, our neighbourhoods will benefit too.