3 Hardy Grass Alternatives for Your Lawn This Spring


There’s never a perfect time to plan out how you’ll be maintaining your lawn for this coming up spring, but you can look through and see what multiple options you can choose from whether you decide to use summer annual forage grasses. Or if you decide you want groundcovers, Corsican Mint, Creeping Thyme, Clover, Ornamental Grasses, Evergreen Moss, Native Perennial Beds, Artificial Turk, or Golden Creeping Jenny. Many of these options to spruce up your grass and lawn this year have been used and recommended by several other homeowners for those who haven’t thought of different ways to spruce up their lawns.

According to Atlanta Lawn Care many homeowners have switched from traditional lawn mowing to Summer Annual Forage Grasses, which means they have turned their grass into a more drier which they use this to help extend grazing season for the animals around them as well as being able to provide forage during the most difficult weather and environmental stressors. When homeowners choose this type of grass alternative, they are choosing a more eco-friendly type of way to maintain their grass instead of using pesticides or any other type of harmful grass alternative.

This “fast forage” is best known for being easy to establish, extending the ability to forage even if foraging might be limited, even in a short time span using foraging causes high productivity as well as quick emergence. Some homeowners have chosen this alternative due to when providing a temporary cover for their lawns, some even use this method to make use of a fertilizer which may have failed prior to them choosing forage or if the homeowner has an issue with crabgrass.

Another reason many homeowners have chosen to use Atlanta Lawn Care is that they give homeowners multiple options of how to switch up their lawn look and lawn care as well as making their lawn care decisions more eco-friendly. One of the most recommended and chosen types of lawn alternatives customers have chosen for their lawns includes Groundcovers, these give customers the ability to eliminate the need to mow as often as they typically would need to due to the fact groundcovers don’t grow as tall as normal grass. Giving homeowners a great looking lawn while keeping the maintenance low and the ability to smother and kill off weeds and any other bothersome types of plants.

There are multiple choices of Groundcovers many homeowners have chosen to use such as Japanese sweet flags, barberry cotoneaster, Creeping herbs, creeping jenny, and Asian star jasmine, some homeowners have chosen creeping thyme and creeping oregano as well. Many homeowners recommend using the creeping jenny due to the bright purple colors this crop gives off as well as using the creeping thyme, both almost look similar but when you’re using the creeping thyme the purple color is more evenly spread out, unlike the creeping jenny which comes in clusters of purple.

Many of these groundcovers require the use of a sprinkler as well as moderate watering which can also be done by using a watering nozzle or hose, but they only require water during Spring and Summer. The use of Creeping Thyme also helps if your lawn has a lot of foot traffic or if you’re wanting low maintenance or versatile plant. This plant only grows up to 4 inches high and requires minimal watering and lawn care as well as the ability to plant Creeping Thyme anywhere whether the spot has no sunlight, minimal sun or no shade which has been proven to be simple for homeowners.


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