3 tasks which have to be completed before painting house exteriors


Summer is the ideal time for repainting a house in Australia. Since the sun is shining throughout the day, and days are longer, homeowners can choose to repaint the exterior walls, since the paint will dry quickly. Home owners who will be doing the painting work themselves instead of hiring a painting service like Toowoomba painters, should be aware that preparation is necessary for completing the painting work. There are some tasks which have to be completed before painting to get a proper finish for the painted surface. Some of most important tasks are discussed below.


Cleaning is essential before doing any kind of painting, yet most painters underestimate its importance. Dust, grime, moss, bird droppings are some of the dirt and debris which accumulates on the exterior walls. If there is even a little dirt on the surface, it is likely to be a waste of time and effort. Warm soapy water and sponge can be used to scrub the exterior walls of the house, to remove the grime and dirt. If there is mold on the walls, bleach may also be required to remove it. Painting companies are often using high pressure cleaners to clean the exteriors thorough, so if the home owner has access to a cleaner, he should use it

Filling & Sanding

Filling and sanding is required, if the surface being repainted is badly damaged. However, even if the surface is reasonably smooth without cracks or paint peeling, it is advisable to lightly sand the surface. This will make the wall surface even, so that the paint brush will apply the paint evenly. It is not easy to paint on an uneven surface, since some spots will have a thicker paint coating compared to others.

Other walls in worse condition may have a large number of cracks and holes. A body filler will be required to fill the holes and gaps, to make the surface as smooth as possible. Filler solutions are fairly inexpensive and available at hardware stores. Powder based fillers should be combined with water while decorators caulk is used for trim, and frames.


Priming is highly recommended for all painting, especially if a new colour is being used. Though some exterior surfaces like timber provide the adhesion required for even spreading of the paint, others do not. If no primer is applied, the painted surface may be patchy and uneven in appearance. If another color was used earlier, this color may remain visible, unless a few primer coats are applied. The primer should be selected depending on the surface being painted. Specialty primers are available for different surfaces like concrete, plaster, metal, timber, so it is important to choose the correctly formulated primer.

In addition to the above three considerations, it is important to plan the painting work in detail. It should be scheduled for a sunny day and all the items required should be purchased. Unless the home owner is a professional painter, the painting work will usually take a longer time than planned, especially if all the preparation work discussed above is considered. If the home owner is facing a problem painting, they can contact Toowoomba painters.


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