4 Impressive Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Whether you’re planning to sell or simply want to make some improvements for your own enjoyment, completing some renovations in your bathroom could be the way to go. While there are a lot of improvements you could make, the following are four that are sure to impress.

New Tile

When you speak with a tile contractor Atlantic Beach NC, you can find out all the different ways tile can spruce up the bathroom. Use different sizes and colors on your floor for a creative look. Have tile installed in your shower or as a backsplash behind the sink. From extremely decorative to quite simple, there are styles and designs for everyone.

Double Sinks

Adding an additional sink to your bathroom makes it more functional for your family and could be a selling point for potential buyers. If you’re doing an additional sink, you may want to install an entire countertop, especially if yours is out of date.

Improved Lighting

The bathroom is where people get ready for the day each morning, so there should be plenty of light for you and your family to get a clear view of yourselves in the mirror. Improving the lighting in your bathroom can turn it from a small, drab room to one you want to spend time in. It makes the room feel bigger and there are various ways you can incorporate light in the bathroom, such as pendant lights, sconces, vanity lights and more.


Though many people think getting rid of the bathtub is more valuable, there are those who are realizing just how valuable a nice soak in the tub can be. Jacuzzi-style tubs are nice for those who want to relax at the end of a day, and the size makes them great for bathing multiple toddlers at once.

As you can see, there are some things you can do for your bathroom to make an impressive renovation. Decide which features are most important to you and get started today.