5 simple tips to make your smaller room appear bigger


Spaces have become a struggle in the metro cities and large town. The population is growing with every passing day and thus, the houses are becoming smaller and smaller. Hence, it has become a challenge for the interior designers to create space in the room while accommodating all of the furniture. However, there are some easy tips and tricks that can help you to make a smaller room appear to be bigger.

You do not need an interior decorator for this. If you have a very small room or living room, then use some of these home improvement tricks. You can thank us later.

  1. Colour Story

The kind of colours you use for your furniture make a lot of impact on your space. It is a good idea to use extremely light colour or extremely dark colours. Actually, medium tones can make a room appear smaller. When you use bright whites or deep dark paint colours, it creates a contrast. This makes your space appear bigger. You can use this theory for walls or curtains and carpets. If you are living in a rented house, then you cannot probably invest in changing the colour of your walls. Then, switch to buying darker or lighter furniture.

  1. Hang full-sized curtains

Make sure to get full sized curtains which just start hanging after the ceiling till the floor. It will work like putting stilettos to a room. This will create an illusion of a higher ceiling. You will yourself enjoy spending time in such a room. You will usually have to look for 96 inch long curtains. You can buy it from a store or get a customised one made for you. You will find local tailors who will be ready to stitch a curtain for you. However, you will have to put in some efforts to find the fabric and its lining.

  1. Use multi-functional furniture

The best way to safe space is to use multi-functional furniture. There are a lot of stylish and innovative options available in the market. It is a good idea to use baskets for storing miscellaneous items, instead of complete drawers. Apart from that, you can always get extra seats made with storage boxes. These will be handy when you have extra guests and at the same time, you will be able to store your extra stuff in it. The whole idea is to have a designated spot for everything that you use. This will actually eliminate clutter and give an aesthetic appearance to your space.

  1. Use lamps

The whole idea is to distribute light evenly around the room, instead of just relying on the light from the top. It will be very helpful in rooms that have limited natural light. The distribution of balanced and even light will create an illusion of a bigger space.

  1. Use larger decorative accents

If you have a smaller room, then avoid using a lot of small decorative pieces. Instead, use only the limited ones. A lot of small pieces will create an impression of clutter in the room. At the same time, it will make the room look smaller as well. It is a good idea to use the triangle rule of symmetry while decorating vignettes on coffee tables, dresser tops, night stands and table tops. Also, limit the décor groupings to 3 or 5 items only. At the same time, do not put décor items on every table of your room. Let there be empty spaces as well. This will allow the space to breathe. This is great home improvement tip.


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