5 Tips For Bedroom That You Will Love!


Here I’m going to share five of my top tips for creating a bedroom that you love.

I think it’s so important to have a bedroom that you love and that makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, calm and rejuvenated.

We kind of forget about bedrooms, we leave them to last and we first decorate the rooms in our home that people see.

I just want to give you five simple tips to decorating your bedroom that, even if you just make one or two of these changes, I think will make a big difference in how you feel.

The first tip is a calm color palette.

I tend to go with a calmer color palette in a room. Think of colors like whites (warm whites work well), blues are always a beautiful color as well as greens. Choose colors that bring you joy and some relaxation.

Next I want to talk about lighting.

Lighting is so important in your bedroom and lighting has such a big impact on how you feel.

You can go a few different ways with this.

You can have bedside lamps. Make sure that they’re taller. There are a lot of small ones, but you want the bottom of the shade to be at your shoulder for good reading height. Or you can have pendants that hang down.

Whatever works for you, but make sure that lighting is something if you’re reading a book that you can turn it off without getting out of bed. I think that’s important. Sometimes we forget about that.

If you have an overhead light, that’s a great opportunity to add something soothing. I’ve got one that’s got a lot of texture to it in a neutral color. Make sure it’s on a dimmer as well because it’s just so nice to enter your bedroom and just have the lights low.

The next thing in your bedroom is to think about are the fabric choices and layering.

I am a huge linen fan in bedding. I switched over to linen about two to three years ago and I tell everyone. It was like life-changing. I don’t just have the linen bedding for summer. I also use it in the winter. I find it great. There’s just something about the beautiful linen against my skin.

But choose whatever works for you, just make sure that you’re picking the right fabric. This is an area to invest in. I mean you’re sleeping in it every night. See bedroom essentials at Bedroomeo.com for more info.

Also adding layers. Maybe it’s a throw blanket over top, maybe it’s a knit blanket, something that makes you feel cozy. Adding those layers to the space will give it just more of that cocoon feeling which we like in bed.

Also adding a rug. A lot of us forget about that you can add a rug under the bed. I think it looks great. I love a faux sheepskin so when you get out of bed, you’ve got that nice feel of the faux sheepskin.

Those layers and textures are beautiful in the bedroom!

The next thing i want to talk about is decluttering.

I am admittingly not the most organized person when it comes to clutter, but I will say in the bedroom, seeing it before you go to bed, waking up to it, is just not good for our mental well-being.

So a few ideas with that.

Use a dresser or a nightstand. Or get some storage unit or something to just put it away out of sight. It makes a huge difference.

I also like keeping a basket beside my bed and then I can put the books and magazines in there. It’s still too much stuff but at least it’s contained.

So try to put your stuff away. You’ll just feel much better in the space.

The last but not least bring in things that you love.

We are doing this in other rooms. We really should think about doing it in the bedroom.

You can bring a candle or if you’re into crystals, have a few of your favorite crystals there. Maybe it’s a few of your books that you love. Maybe it’s an inspirational quote. Maybe it’s a diary or fresh flowers.

Whatever it is, those small meaningful touches in your bedroom can just really start and end your day off on the right note and it’s really a form of self-care for you.

Before starting any decorating project or making any changes, I really think it’s important to know what your personal style is.