5 Ways to Maintain Your Solid Wood Floor in Top condition


Wooden floors add that glorious look in any home. What’s more? They are stunning and shiny with attractive colors and hues. Wooden flooring is commonly used in homes, gyms and sporting arenas. As remarkable as they look, maintaining wood flooring can be challenging. Luckily, there are various ways to keep your floor in excellent condition.

Here are ideas to guide you:

  1. Use the right cleaning products.

To maintain your floor in top condition, use products that are recommended by the manufacturer. Using the wrong products can ruin the floor’s appearance. These are, for instance, ammonia, steel wool, steam cleaners, and too much soap and water. If not sure of the best way to care for your wood flooring, visit https://www.junckers.co.uk/wood-flooring/solid-hardwood-flooring/plank-hardwood-flooring for ideas. You’ll also learn about different types of wooden flooring form the site.

You can also use vinegar; it will save you a lot of money. Here’s how to do it;

  • Add a half cup of white vinegar to a full gallon of clean lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using too much vinegar on your wood flooring; it can dull it over time.

Also, vacuum your floor to get rid of dirt, dust, mud and small stones. Use top-quality doormats at each door to enable others to wipe their feet before entering your house. Place non-slip mats on your wooden floor and choose ones with absorbent fibres. They will absorb moisture, and you should remember to clean them often.

  1. Invest in high-quality cleaning equipment

The type of cleaning equipment used determines the durability of your hardwood flooring. In colder months, expect to clean your floor often, and this mostly near the doorway and other high traffic areas. Acquire quality microfiber mops for they can easily catch dirt and dust particles.

  1. Wipe spills instantly

Spills are inevitable, especially when you have kids in your home. Even if you have some mats, they won’t absorb all the moisture. So, mop any spills immediately to get rid of the dampness and preserve the wood. Keep a mop near the doorway to enable a quick wipe all the time. Also, encourage your guests and loved ones to remove wet shoes before stepping on your wooden flooring.

  1. Re-consider your furniture choices

Your choice of furniture can damage your wooden flooring. Go for furniture pieces that won’t scratch your floor. Pay attention to the furniture legs, and avoid ones with sharp edges. Also, avoid moving your furniture, and if you must do it, lift and don’t pull or drag.

  1. Use furniture pads

Furniture coaster and other protectors are an excellent way of preserving your wooden flooring. They help avoid scratches, marks, gouging and other unsightly marks. They are ideal for bulky, heavy or portable furniture. Can I use paste wax? Paste wax will cause further damage to your wooden flooring and should be avoided.

A quick wrap up

Maintaining your floor in excellent condition will prolong its life. Clean the floor often using the right products, and equipment. Search online for tips on how to clean and maintain your wooden flooring. Remember to check the manufacture website for more ideas on how to clean solid hardwood flooring.