An Introduction To Home Water Leakages


When searching for possible roof leakages, two kinds of indicators exist– general water leakages and roof damages.

General Water Leakage Indications

An apparent indication of water leaks would be seeing parts of your ceiling dropping off, revealing dark black spots in their place. In such a situation, mould growth would certainly have sufficed to eat away at your ceiling, hence creating loose parts to drop. It is additionally possible that you will locate water droplets leaking via your ceiling as well as thereby dripping into your area.

Both indicators covered above are suggestive of relatively serious water leakages. Prior to either of this occurs, it is likely that you would certainly be able to identify other less extreme signs. For instance, you might be able to detect peeling paint, discolouration of your wall surfaces or the appearance of yellow-colored spots on your wall surfaces. These are all symptoms of mould damages happening on the flip side of your walls.

Why Water is Tricky to Track

As covered before, water can travel long distances in all directions once it has seeped right into your residence. Because of this, if you find signs of water leakage in your house, there is a possibility that the source of the leakage was from your roof. This occurs because capillary forces act on entering water, pulling it through the smallest of spaces within your home’s structure.

Eventually, water accumulates at a resting space where it creates the aforementioned ripe environment for mould growth.

Roof Damages Indications

After each rainfall, we recommend checking in on your roof. This is because it would have been hit by waves of rain and wind, thus making it a prime time for cracks or holes to have been formed.

Visually Inspecting your Roof

A visual evaluation of your house’s roof could reveal damaged or damaged roof shingles. As the outer surface of your rooftop, roof shingles are prone to splitting of falling off because of powerful winds, heavy rainfall or when harmed by collapsing tree branches. To confirm that your roof’s roof shingles have certainly being broken, you can check the surroundings to locate any that have fallen off.

An additional area of your rooftop that is prone to damage is its flashing. Flashing is a piece of metal that has been mounted on your roof’s joints in order to improve its waterproofing ability. Flashing can be damaged due to severe weather, or when the nails that are utilized to keep it in position come off.

Be Wary of Ponding

Ponding is telltale indicator of probable water leaks from your roof. It takes place when water gets caught on your rooftop, hence being enabled to collect in a select spot. When a big volume of water is collected, it exerts remarkable stress on your rooftop’s existing waterproofing systems. With time, with the pool being developed repetitively, the location below it will probable start to experience water seepage.

Should you find ponds on your roof, you should immediately get in touch with a waterproofing Singapore contracting firm. With their expertise, you will be able to determine the degree of leakage that has occurred from ponding and the reasons why ponds have been forming on your roof.