Building survey: how does it work and what is the importance?


The inspection of the apartment is a fundamental step in the purchase process. This negotiation requires care with a series of details that are extremely important, as they have the potential to decisively impact the quality of life of the people who will occupy the property. Thus, the Building Inspections Perth process needs to be very carefully executed in a planned manner before the deal is closed. Due to the degree of importance of the inspection, it should preferably be carried out with the assistance of a qualified professional to provide technical advice on each assessed point.

What is a property survey?

The inspection is a check of the condition of the property before signing a purchase and sale contract. Its purpose is to identify and document every detail, to give guarantees, to those who will receive it, about the situation in which it is at the time of delivery. The idea of ​​the survey is quite simple. In the same way that you check the expiration date of a product at the supermarket and the quality of a fruit at the fair, it is necessary to analyze the condition of a used property and the living conditions of a new property. The first is to check if there are no apparent or hidden defects that may require renovations or impair the conditions of use of the property. The second concerns structural issues and, therefore, requires a good level of technical knowledge.

Why do I need to do an apartment survey?

It is the inspection that will ensure that the apartment is in fact in the conditions promised by the seller and in accordance with what was specified in the contract. It serves as a defense instrument for both those who are buying and those who sell the property. When a problem is found, it is not always possible to identify its origin. Sometimes, it is necessary for an expert to certify, with precision, if it is something that precedes the occupation. And he can’t always do that. The inspection’s role is to minimize as much as possible the risk of apparent or hidden defects and, subsequently, to certify the delivery conditions of the property.

Especially in an apartment, which is a unit within a set, the individual structure is responsible for the stability of the whole. Both its original construction and possible subsequent renovations by the owner impact the safety of several people. Thus, if it is found that there are flaws in the property; even during the survey the seller must be informed. Sometimes, a simple faucet that drips, uses water and disrupts your sleep can mean the need for internal repair. Likewise, a millimeter failure in calculating the dimensions of a door causes it to not close properly, drag on the floor, impair safety and cause a lot of headaches.


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