Carpet Cleaning 101


Carpet cleaning is crucial for the health of your family and yours and your home’s appearance. 

Notably, an uncleaned carpet containing dirt and allergens can cause respiratory problems having which nobody can afford these days, particularly due to the pandemic.    

Why worrying when you can clean your carpet and make it flawless and germ-free once again? Here, we’re going to tell you some killer Carpet Cleaning tips that will save you money and double the life of your carpet.

So, read on.

No Scrubbing, Only Blotting:

If you see a spill or stain occurring in the carpet, take a cleaning solution and a clean paper towel and dab the stain gently. You can also use a clean cloth or sponge for dabbing.

Key Takeaway:  Avoid scrubbing the stain or spill soon after it happens because doing so will let the stain trap into the carpet.

Apply Shaving Cream To The Stain And See The Magic:

No matter what kind of stain your carpet has, a 30-minute application of shaving cream will remove it. Take a dry cloth to blot the shaving cream up after 30 minutes. Next, take vinegar and water in equal parts and spray it over the undertreatment area.  

Finally, wipe the solution away with a cloth. 

Say No To Greasy Spills:

  • Take a cup of warm water and add a few drops of any grease-cutting dish soap. Mix the solution gently.
  • The next step involves putting this solution into a spray bottle and soaking the greasy stain. 
  • Then, its time to blot it up with a paper towel or a white cloth.

You might need to redo this treatment multiple times, depending on the stain’s age and size.

Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Wisely:

At times, your carpet requires those not-so-basic cleaning methods to become clean and clear completely. In such a scenario, you need professional carpet cleaners to apply that hot water extraction or do the deep cleaning. 

If so happen, you need to choose the pros sensibly. Don’t fall prey to discounts or sugarcoated offers that subpar carpet cleaners offer.  Look for their past working experience, ask them if they are certified or have the required licenses. Also, compare the quotes to make a wise decision.