Checklists before you hire a driver to move your furniture

  Have you decided to relocate to a different city? We understand it is stressful at times with all the formalities, paperwork, and other basics one has to consider for relocation. If all these feelings are something you are feeling too, you have reached the right page. In this article, we have prepared checklists for you to tick at the time of hiring a driving for moving one piece furniture long distance. We understand the sentiments you have with your belongings and the stress that you are leaving in the hands of a driver. It would be wise to go through this checklist once so that you feel sorted and can relocate with peace. Checklists before you hire a driver to move your furniture:
  1. Check if you have hired an experienced and professional staff. Moving the goods from one city to another is no piece of cake and so you need the best. You should have signed all the necessary documents before handing over the house keys to your moving company.
  2. Check the vehicle that will be responsible for moving of your goods. You have all the rights to know if you have paid the right vehicle and whether the truck is suitable to load and unload your goods. You don’t wish to land up bearing the damages of the goods during the transit or face delays in case of any vehicle breakdown.
  3. Ask your driver to give you a test drive of the vehicle and also check if the papers cleared along with the permit to drive long distance.
  4. Check if you have hired a registered company. You may always ask them to show licence to travel from one place to another. Some companies are responsible to transfer goods from one place to another in the same locality, where as some take care of moving one piece furniture long distance.
  5. You need to have a checklist of insurance as well. This is very important especially if your location is at far distance.
  6. Check if there are any hidden costs involved such as Octroi charges, carrier charges, and extra shifts that the driver may charge you. You don’t need a mess at the last moment of settlement of fee.
  7. Compare the online reviews before you pay the booking amount to the moving company. You need to ensure that you are paying to the right company for their service and quality.