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The installation of a new roof in a construction project, the renovation of an old roof or the cleaning of the roof, the insulation of your roof, the search for the right craftsman to carry out your work, the purchase of materials in the best conditions. Whatever roofing project you undertake, you must prepare it and if you are not a pro, you will need the advice and advice of specialists to guide you in your choices. Our network of experts provides you with its experience and know-how to guide and inform you.

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Specialized retailers

Large roofing lead work store with a roof beam to find everything you need, roofing materials to the screws and sealing screens or specialized roof signs, with their own roof treatments and ranges their installation methods? The choice is yours.

The roof is one of the first areas to take into account when it comes to guaranteeing the longevity of your home. Indeed, this protects your home from inclement weather in particular. If your roof is no longer young or is badly damaged, carrying out roofing work becomes essential. How much can its work cost? How to choose the right company? And what are the things to know before starting?

Roofing work: why is it essential to carry it out?

Roofing work can be scary because as we all know it often comes with high expense. However, this work should not be put aside. Indeed, a healthy roof is essential to maintain the health and safety of your family. Thus, the benefits of this type of work are not negligible:

Better sealing and better insulation

A roof that is too old or damaged can constitute a real energy loss. In addition, be aware that a poorly insulated roof represents up to 30% of your home’s heat loss. Then, a roof that is not or poorly waterproof can cause significant damage to the frame, walls and even the overall structure of your home. This represents a real danger for your home.

A more polished general appearance

Indeed, the roof of a house is certainly one of the first things we see. When it is old or damaged, the general appearance of your house suffers. Thus, renovate your roof so gives a renovation to your home, and often makes it more modern.

Real added value

Like any substantive work in a house, roofing work adds real added value to your home. This is an asset if you plan to sell your house in the near future.


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