Colorbond v Galvanized Sheds


Currently, there are a range of different shed options on the market. Two of the most commonly used materials for shed building are Colorbond and galvanised metal. In recent years, these two options have caused a sharp turn away from the traditional timber choices made in the past. Mostly we see these materials used for storage sheds, but more people are looking into these more robust options for work sheds and even for workspaces.

For anyone facing this dilemma, this article will take a look into what the pros and cons of each of these materials are. Finally, it will also take a look at whether or not Colorbond sheds are better or worse than galvanised, and what the key differences are.

Pros and Cons of Colorbond Sheds

Colorbond is a popular choice here, principally because of the range on offer. As the name suggests, this material is high quality steel which can be delivered in an enormous array of colour options. This enables customers to create a unique shed and one which seamlessly fits in on their property. Another great benefit of using Colorbond is that they are incredibly efficient at retaining heat, which is ideal for those looking to spend a lot of time in the shed.

Regarding disadvantages, these sheds are one of the more costly on the market and that is something which has often put customers off this choice.

Pros and Cons of Galvanised Sheds

Metal is rarely used on its own these days and that is why many look to use galvanised metal for a more durable option. This is very much a material which is long-lasting and given that these sheds require very little maintenance, durability is almost guaranteed. Galvanised sheds are also easy to assemble and they can be moved relatively quickly, and without too much effort. Largely it is the value for money which this shed offers that customers love, a great benefit of galvanised metal.

Regarding cons it could be said that these sheds are too cold, although some may like this feature, depending on how the shed is used. Further cons here include the fact that the material is tough to modify, making custom-options more difficult to find. Finally, there is rust and corrosion to contend with, which owners must be aware of.

Concluding The Differences

In conclusion, it is quite clear to see that Colorbond is the most expensive of the two options. In terms of longevity both sheds offer a similar life span, and they also both offer high levels of security. The largest difference between these materials however is in the look and the design. A Colorbond shed comes in all manner of colours and designs, whereas a galvanised metal shed is far less flexible in this regard.

To make your decision between Colorbond and galvanised sheds it is important to take a few aspects into consideration. For instance, how you will use the shed, what is your budget and how important is the overall aesthetic to you.