Does the Wind Damage Your Roof in Mansfield Texas?


Man vs. climate – it is an age-old battle. In the entire human history, we have managed to build structures that circumnavigate the harmful effects of climate. However, when nature gets extreme, there is little that can be done. 

No matter how tough you build your roof, high-speed winds can still cause damage. Even though most asphalt roofs can withstand wind speeds of up to 90mph, some damage can start happening at speeds as low as 50mph. 

In Mansfield, Texas, the weather can be brutal. Wind coupled with hail damages roofs on a regular basis. This will cause you to get a roof repair in Mainsfield Texas which can prove costly. 

Types of Wind Damage

The most obvious manner in which high winds inflict damage is by throwing debris around. Tree branches can fall on your roof causing damage to tiles and panels. Therefore, it is always a good practice to trim down the trees growing over your roof. This minimizes the chances of debris-related damage. 

There is another way roofs suffer wind damage. Winds do not impact all areas of the roof the same way. The edges and corners are much more likely to deteriorate. For instance, it is possible that wind may accumulate under a corner/shingle and tear it off. 

Another common type of damage is known as ‘lifting’. High winds blowing off a roof can create mini vacuums leading to spontaneous suctions. This can ‘lift’ off the panels of your roof and the nails attaching them can become loose. It can also damage the sealant installed between the panels and result in leakages. 

Spotting Wind Damage

We have already discussed some of the more obvious ways in which wind causes damage. If you are missing any panels or see any curled shingles, then that is a clear sign. Similarly, leakages are another evident way of spotting roof damage. In order to catch it early, be sure to regularly check your attic or top floor for any damp regions. 

You should also check your gutter periodically for shingle granules. If you find some, call for maintenance/repair immediately.

If the wind does ever damage your roof, then contact your local roofers in Mansfield tx to get a repair or even a replacement done. 



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