Does your washing machine makes a weird noise?


Like other machines, washing machines also make lots of weird noises during their washing cycle. If you hear such sounds again, it’s time for you to become proactive because they might turn out to be some serious issues. Being complex equipment, there are lots of reasons behind loud noises. But, there is nothing to worry about as solutions are also available to fix the problems immediately. On leaving the issues untouched, they can get out of control leading to damage.

Underlying causes for the faulty noise of washing machines

  • Bad position of the door seal

The door seal is instilled to act as a barrier between the inside and outside of washing machines. With time, it is quite possible to get bent out of shape, wear down, or cut due to rubbing against the drum. It can quickly found when the machine starts making noise when the tub begins rotating.

  • Blocked drain pump

The drain pump is responsible for taking the water out of the machine at the washing cycle time. Note that if the noise occurs every time the machine drains the water. For this, you have to remove the drain filter and check out to find any cavity presence. If still, the noise is coming, then it is better to change the drain pump.

  • Faulty door lock

Basically, the washing machine’s door gets locked due to the available electromagnetic coil. You will start listening to the noise when the door locks and unlocks. The repeated occurrence of such noise results in hindering the locking process. If there is nothing causing a blockage, then it is better to replace it as soon as possible.

  • The stuck object between the drum and tub

Sometimes it happens that certain objects are stuck in between the drum and tub, resulting in a clicking noise at the time of washing clothes. At this point, you must check the drum and turning it around by your hand when the machine is off. The most common issue behind it is the underwiring of bras that easily get stuck between drum and tub.

All these are prevalent issues that you might found while using the machine. Hence, it is advisable to call the skilled technicians for help.

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