Don’t Let Your Electricity Bill Scare You This Diwali 


You must be gearing up for the festive season and making plans to visit your relatives. You would like to spend on everything related to the festivities except for one thing, your electricity bill!

Diwali means decorating your home or apartment with lights. But the brighter the lighting, the bigger the electricity bill, isn’t it? Not anymore!

With technology, you can now lower your electricity bill with both energy-efficient ceiling fans and LED lights. Don’t be scared of your electricity bill with these exclusive tips on saving!

Ways To Lower Your Electricity Bill

Given below are some smart ways to reduce your electricity bill: 

Installation of LED lights

Your first step to lower electricity bills is replacing your conventional incandescent bulbs with LED lights. Not only will you be an environmentally-conscious citizen, but you will also save up to 85% in energy consumption compared to fluorescent bulbs. These zero-mercury bulbs are completely safe for the environment. 

These LED lights have the highest BEE rating indicating energy efficiency. They are shock-proof and have anti-bacterial qualities for keeping you safe from illnesses during the festive season. 

You can use LED panel lights for smooth light distribution and install them on your ceiling. Not only do you cut down on your electricity bill, but you also get superior lighting that blends perfectly with your home decor. 

Replace Your Old Ceiling Fans

You can save money not only by installing LED lights but also by replacing your conventional ceiling fans with energy-efficient models. These ceiling fans have BLDC motors that consume 50% less energy compared to conventional fans. Newer models have a power factor of 0.98 that makes it highly efficient. 

The ceiling fans with light from Crompton offer you dual energy-saving options. These fans are a combination of ceiling fans and LED lights leaving you with a lower electricity bill. 

Use Anti-dust ceiling fans that attract 50% less dust. Dust accumulating on the motor and the fan blades also lower efficiency and result in higher energy consumption. Keep your ceiling fans and LED lights sparkling clean with superior technology. 

Control Wastage:

Do you worry about leaving your fan on and wasting electricity? Well, technology has taken care of that as well. Crompton offers silent ceiling fans with intelligent memory and sleep well timer function. 

The sleep well timer function switches the fan off automatically after a certain period of time. With the intelligent memory function, the fan remembers the last fan speed setting when it was switched on. When the fan is running at an optimal speed, your energy consumption is low. 

Analyze Your Electricity Bill:

When you look at your electricity bill, find out the major areas of cost. While energy-efficient lights and fans can bring down your electricity bill, you should test your electricity meter. If you switch off all electrical appliances in your apartment or home, find out if your meter still shows a reading or not. If units are still being consumed, your meter is faulty and needs to be replaced. 

Another cause of leakage could be your wiring, so change your old wiring. Earthing done in the wrong way could also lead to leakage. 

You should be aware of your average electricity consumption and see if there are any significant deviations. There are two components of the total costs, units and price per unit. If the units consumed are more or less the same, then the unit price has gone up. 

Enjoy a Bright Festive Season With Low Electricity Bills

Spend time with loved ones, and don’t worry about your electricity bill. Energy-efficient ceiling fans and LED lights can reduce your energy consumption by more than 50%, leading to lower electricity bills. Switch on to smarter options and enjoy Diwali!

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