Elegant and Personalized Engagement Announcement Cards with Mixbook


You proposed, and she said, “Yes!” Who would not want to know? Your engagement starts a wondrous new journey together, and your engagement announcement is one of the first mementos of your wedding story. You should, hence, cherish each chapter. There is no better way to tell your family and friends you are engaged than with special engagement announcements from Mixbook. From rustic to sophisticated, the Mixbook gallery helps to share your exciting news in style.

Why Mixbook?

Engagement announcement photo cards are best for couples who cannot wait to announce their proposal to family and friends. Save time and money with the stunning engagement announcement photo templates at Mixbook. There is no better way to deliver the news than a customized and unique engagement announcement card. Mixbook features a wide selection of romantic designs to ensure you find one that fits your personalities and love as a couple. Select an elegant style that features photos of you and your other half or one that perfectly complements your favorite photo.  This will also give your family and friends a glimpse at your engagement happiness.

Mixbook lets you personalize your cards in any way you please, including free backgrounds and stickers, exquisite finishes, and high-quality finishes. You can choose between premium 110 lb. silk paper and smooth matte 100 lb. paper for your announcement, and add a touch of sparkle with foil embellishments. You and your loved one will treasure this special engagement announcement and preserve it as beautiful memories forever.

Engagement Announcement Trends and Ideas

Engagement photo cards are still the best path for couples to announce their fantastic news. Photo-journalistic shots are one of the trending ways for you to announce your upcoming wedding. Clever photos refine personal details, such as a close-up of the couple holding hands and displaying the beautiful ring, or clever signage that throws a funny or cute twist into the announcement. Children and pets sometimes get into the photo fun, helping to announce the big day.

A personalized engagement card articulates the love vibes ranging from loving to hilariously poking fun at the groom for taking longer to ask her. Sometimes, the images might be connected to a theme dear to the couples’ heart or tied into the current seasons.  You should consider including your most classic photos such as favorite vacation shots, along with special notes that you may want to share, your name, and projected wedding date. You can also blaze your wedding stationery with gold and silver metallic shades as well as elegant accents like foil or special finishes.

You can try out the trends and ideas or customize a special engagement announcement on your own. Take your time to browse the sample announcement cards on Mixbook and try out different looks until you find the one that perfectly indicates your relationship. 

In conclusion, an engagement announcement is one of our happiest moments in life. Mixbook custom engagement announcements allow your love to shine through your cards and dazzle all your family and friends looking forward to celebrating your love of a lifetime. For the best customized engagement photo card announcement, visit the Mixbook website today.