As time moves on, the materials in your house are starting to deteriorate. Instead of letting them decrease your property value, why not replace them with new ones? Modern homebuyers love modern appliances and materials! Research shows that they are ready to spend more on a house with recent and high-quality upgrades. That’s why a remodel is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make.

One of the investments with the highest ROI is cladding installation or replacement. This building material is known for transforming old rusty homes in to jaw-dropping views. Here are some of the reasons why modern homebuyers will spend more on a house with new cladding:


Before we talk about the benefits of cladding and why homebuyers love it, it’s important that we explain what cladding is. Cladding  is a building material widely used in England. It can be used both inside and out but it’s most commonly found as an exterior layer. Unlike masonry, exterior cladding isn’t a part of the main structure. Instead, it is attached to it, forming a non-structural external surface.

There are many types of cladding, each of them having their own pros and cons. However, the most popular option is composite cladding (a mixture of wood fibers and polyethylene plastic) which is extremely durable and weather resistant.

How Exterior Wall Cladding Increase Your Building's Value - Blog by  Greenlam Clads


The key to increasing property value is to upgrade the exterior. As the saying goes “first impressions matter” and no homebuyer is immune to a beautiful view. Statistics continuously prove how visual appeal plays a crucial role in a property sale, especially during price negotiations.

Cladding is an easy and affordable way to upgrade your house’s exterior looks without having to worry about complicated installation, maintenance, and weather. From stone and brick to timber and metal, you can choose from various types of cladding, depending on the style you are going for as well as the area you live in.


The importance of energy efficiency is growing day by day. Every eco-conscious individual is starting to look for efficient ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Modern homebuyers are willing to invest more in an energy efficient, eco-friendly home. Not surprisingly, exterior cladding is a good option when it comes to increasing your positive impact on the environment.

There are two main reasons behind this. Firstly, cladding improves insulation and helps maintain the right temperature in the house. This will keep energy usage to a minimum and significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills. Secondly, some types of cladding are recyclable such as composite and timber cladding.


Every buyer prefers a property with a comfortable and safe environment. Whether timber of metal, cladding helps create such an atmosphere.

When it comes to privacy, this building material provides high quality soundproofing, especially composite cladding (which also prevents fire spreads). A good noise insulator will keep outside noise entering inside and vice versa.

When it comes to safety, cladding protects the house from mold, pests, rain, snow, and strong winds. It also protects decorative designs on the building and most importantly – the structure itself. Properly installed and manufactured cladding increases the lifespan and functionality of the main building structure.

Having these qualities in mind, the reason why cladding has a high ROI becomes much clearer. Now you know why every buyer jumps to the opportunity of purchasing a property with quality cladding.