Finding Oriental Rugs in Atlanta


Living in Atlanta and hoping to spruce up your home with a beautiful oriental rug? You are in luck, as there are plenty of places in the city where you can find rugs that give your living space the extra beauty and sophistication you might be looking for. If you find yourself in need of a little guidance, these pointers can help lead you to that perfect rug you’re looking for.

Check Local Shops

Oriental rugs can come in a variety of designs, meaning what you see online may not be what you find in stores. For that reason, it’s a good idea to go out exploring. Atlanta has many businesses that sell oriental rugs, so try looking up the term oriental rugs Atlanta on a search engine or in the Yellow Pages to find stores in your area. Then, pay them a visit to see what these establishments offer. If you are curious about a certain store’s reputation, see if it has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Decide Between Handmade or Manufactured

While there are debates regarding which is better, there is no denying that both approaches yield beautifully designed rugs. Handmade rugs often cost more. Depending on your income, you may want to keep them in an area of your home that’s safe, such as a room reserved for special occasions. Buying a handmade rug can be great because it may support a small business that specializes in this. That said, there are many aesthetically pleasing manufactured rugs, and they tend to be cheaper than handmade options. Because of their lower prices, this also means they are easier to replace if heavily stained or damaged.

Check How Each Rug Should Be Washed

There are many different factors regarding how to wash away the dirt and stains an oriental rug may accumulate, and the right way to wash one will often depend on factors like the rug’s age and material. Wool rugs are often best washed by hand, for instance, yet those made of silk can only be steam cleaned. Handmade rugs should never be dry cleaned. Check to see if the rug you like has a tag with washing instructions, or better yet, ask the seller, who likely will have a strong knowledge of the subject.

Keep these factors in mind, and you may just have yourself a new oriental rug in no time. Happy hunting!