Get Ready for Spring! 


Even though we’re still a few months away from Spring, if the cold weather is making you crave the sunshine, why not spend some time getting excited about it. Now is the time to make a plan and spend some time revisiting your closet so you can start shopping for timeless basics and statement pieces. It never hurts to get a head start on fashion planning, plus now you can find affordable items on sale and in stock, so when the weather starts warming up, you can waste no time organising and spend it outside enjoying the season!

Explore your closet

The best thing you can do for your spring wardrobe is to get your decluttering and organising started early. Decluttering your closet might mean tipping out all the clothes drawers onto the bed and doing it all at once or taking it one section at a time. It might mean organising your storage space and finding items you don’t need anymore, or simply reorganising where everything is kept. Wardrobe changes not only reflect changes in the season, but also the evolution of our personal tastes, so this step can be invigorating, deeply personal, and must be done with a vision for the future. The key here is knowing what you don’t need anymore and making room for new things that will improve your life or your self-confidence. Letting go of old clothes can be a cathartic process and relieve stress in the long run because you have less stuff to think about when getting ready every day. Start this process by prioritising your must-keep items, making a list of things you need to buy or replace, and grouping the items you no longer resonate with into bin bags, marked with “donate” or “throw away”. Throughout this process, there are several pieces, accessories, jewellery and bags that might be too damaged to donate. If this is the case, consider searching online for skip bins or skip bins Perth, that way you can save yourself making multiple trips to the tip and save charity shops from needing to discard of the items for you.

Set a budget

You can easily update your wardrobe for spring without breaking the bank. Before you begin to plan your spring wardrobe, it’s important to figure out how much you are willing to spend. When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to get carried away with wanting to look good and replace everything you’ve just spent so much time decluttering. Plan ahead so you don’t end up spending money on clothing that you don’t need. 

Decide what upgrades to make first 

Start planning your new spring wardrobe by learning about trends and styles that are on the rise. The benefit of living in Australia is that the Spring 2021 trends have already been laid out during fashion weeks overseas. Look at what people are wearing now and how they’re looking to style their wardrobes. From classic pieces to colourful accessories and sunglasses, learn about how you can alter your look to suit the season, and then pick the few trends that make you feel excited and still feel authentic to you. Try to buy items that will serve as wardrobe essentials that will go with multiple things in your closet. You may want to splurge on an expensive piece of clothing that you can wear in multiple ways. For everything else, look for cheaper alternatives that will still work for you. 

Update your basics

Basics are timeless pieces that can go with almost everything and can be worn multiple times throughout the week without looking recycled. They are a great investment as they can last over all seasons and many years. By understanding how a few key basics can reinvent your wardrobe, starting with basics like button-down shirts, tops and pants and adding a few exclusive or statement pieces, you can heighten your fashion game and always look great.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are those pieces of clothing that stand out and uniquely match your style. They are the pieces that you get complimented on regularly and approached by strangers to ask where they’re from. Statement pieces will help you look unique and fashionable as you transition from work to dinner. Mixing colours and prints throughout your wardrobe can create eye-catching looks that will go with everything from casual clothes to formal outfits.