Getting Birds to Come to Your Yard: Things You Can Do


If there is anything that you probably want to have in your yard, it is the presence of birds. The sound of birdsong can be very relaxing and the sight of birds can be very uplifting. They also provide natural pest control and pollination.   But birds can be very shy and hesitant. It is up to you to ensure that they come to your yard with some interesting changes. Here are some suggestions:

Plant Native Greenery

One great move that homeowners can make is to have local greenery planted on their property. Birds love a variety of plants. Trees are a big favorite for various reasons. They mainly provide birds with shelter and food so they are a big attraction. The shelter is very important. Birds in the wild can be surprisingly fragile. If you don’t have a tree in your yard, then contacting a tree service can help with that. They can plant full-grown trees or even smaller saplings. They can then help with care and maintenance.

Shrubs and smaller plants can also attract birds. Many of these can provide a lot of food for birds, whether they are small berries or insects. Additionally, some birds prefer the denser shelter of shrubs.

Install Bird Feeders

Drawing in birds is also easier when you have bird feeders. Birds can get very hungry and having an easy source of food is great for them. Bird feeders can provide water and feed easily for them. They don’t have to struggle to look for food. This can attract a lot of birds. But it is not as simple as throwing out bird feed on the ground.

There are different types of feeders out there. They attract different types of birds so be aware of what sort you want. Additionally, you should also protect the feeder. It is a potential source of food and wild animals other than birds will be interested in that. Squirrels are the usual suspects but others can climb and access that food.

Encourage Nesting Behavior

If you want birds to be in your backyard, you have to encourage nesting behavior. Birds don’t just start making nests anywhere. They are very selective about where they settle down. Presenting them, with ready-made birdhouses can be a big help but that is not the main driver of nests. Your place needs to provide the various components for a nest. This includes twigs, leaves, and more. Additionally, you’ll need trees for the nest. Besides that, you should also protect the birds from various predators.

Provide Baths And Resting Sticks

Even if you don’t give them a home, you should also offer a few places to rest. A birdbath can be surprisingly popular. This attracts the arrival of multiple birds. Birds would love to clean themselves up by rolling in the water. The important thing is to keep the water clean and to maintain it at certain levels. It may also attract predators hoping for a drink so lay down precautions around it. If you don’t want to maintain a bath, then a high perching stick can allow birds a place to rest.

Protect Them From Other Wildlife

Birds are very vulnerable to predators. A single cat can kill dozens of birds if you don’t protect them. For one, if you have a house cat, you should keep them out of the yard. Additionally, the feeders and baths should be positioned away from any form of cover. Cats are very patient and they can sit and wait for the ideal victim. Preventing them from positioning themselves can help a lot. Rodents are also a big threat, especially if you want birds to make nests in your yard.

Keep Things Clean

Baths and feeders also need to stay clean. Change out the water and clean up the bird waste on them. The feed can also get wet and needs to be replaced This is how sicknesses can be transmitted between birds so keeping these clean is good for their health. It also prevents parasites from flourishing in them. Birds will also appreciate the cleanliness.

Additionally, if you have nesting boxes, it is always a good idea to clean them out after winter. Nests are not permanent homes for some birds so cleaning out the old nest can allow new birds to make their home in the next box.

None of these should be that difficult to set up. Even the most expensive yard upgrade shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars. Take note that the changes won’t happen overnight. The birds need to recognize that your place is a welcoming place for them to make their nest in. This can mean a few weeks of waiting but pretty soon you will have them coming to roost.