Glass Table Top Protection Tips: How to Protect


If you own a modern home, the key item you are using in your seating area is probably a table with a glass surface. After all, glass is one of the best materials for modern home decoration. However, there are a few things to consider before buying a glass table of your choice. In today’s article we have mentioned how to protect glass table top from scratches and some maintenance tips.

Clean You’re Glass Table Everyday

If you are not maintaining your table properly, you will not like its presence as poor maintenance will cause the glass floor to spread. The first thing to consider is that the room you keep the table in and the family members or the people who use that room, if your family is always active and removes hard items around that place, you need to take good care of the glass top.

Another step you need to take is a schedule for maintaining glass furniture. The maintenance schedule should include the most necessary maintenance habits. For example, you need to dust the glass regularly, at least on a weekly basis or more often if the dust accumulates quickly in your area. Cleaning can keep your glass table always looking new.

Clean Glass Safely and Effectively

The next thing to consider is to keep your table clean. In addition to dust, dirt and grime can easily get on your table. The dirt can be a few drops of wine, coffee, soda or any other beverage or liquid and it can be a sticky as well as dirty surface.

There are many other ways that can create marks and lines on glass. Regardless of the cause of the dirt you should always get rid of it before it causes any damage. Always keep in mind that dirt can put pressure on the glass and it can scratch and drink stains can attract more dust and dirt.

To clean the surface you can easily remove sticky dirt that uses a soft rag and mild hot water. Then dry the top of the glass using a dry soft cloth. This will ensure that your table maintains an attractive appearance and always looks new. Cleaning will also help remove small particles and dust particles that may find their way over the surface.

Use a tablecloth or runner

Don’t want to cover your beautiful glass table with a tablecloth, but it is a good way to protect the table from any scratching. If you don’t want to go with an entire table cloth, table runners come in a variety of colors as well as complement the style of any dining room without compromising on the look of your table.

How to Remove Minor Scratches from Glass

No matter how hard you try to protect your glass, scratches can still happen but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. You can prevent scratches from getting worse and prevent new formation. So how do you get scratches out of glass table top? Well there are lots of products that can be used to prevent it.

Clear nail polish

You may want to use a glass cleaner to make the surface look as shiny as new. Well there are some natural products that you can use for your glass table. Clean the area around the scratch with a glass cleaner and then you need to use a nail polish applicator to carefully apply a thin layer of polish to the scratch parts. After that allow the polish to dry, and then use a cloth to remove any excess polish. Glass polishing will enhance your House interior design and look prettier than before. On The Architecture Designs there are more & new ideas how you can improve your house & furniture values.

Always make sure you follow these maintenance tips as well as clean the glass top table on a weekly basis or if there is more activity in your space or if it accumulates dust too quickly. These glass protection tips make the top surface of your table glass look new for many years.


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