Great Ideas on How to Create a Spa-like Experience at Home for Your De-stressing Needs


    There are too many stressors in life. Do we even have to mention it? Money, work, relationships, traffic, and toxic bosses and coworkers. These are some of the things we think about every minute of the day. If we want to go far, we also deal with political, economic, and social inequalities. Further down the line, we live with the constant fear retiring, not saving enough and, alas, death. If only there’s a way we can de-stress at the end of the day and have a calm and relaxing sleep.

    But you can call a company that offers hot water heater repair in Salt Lake City. Get that hot water system in order, and you can begin having a spa-like experience every night. That will relax your muscles and calm your mind enough to have a good night’s sleep. You won’t have to spend $100 to go to the spa every week or so. You can have that experience right in the comfort of your home.

    Set the Scene

    What’s a spa all about? It’s all about the experience. Light up some scented candles. Put on a diffuser and diffuse your favorite essential oils. Run a hot bubble bath. Turn off the TV and any noise. Ask your kids not to bother you while in the bath. Use soft lighting because fluorescent lights hurt your eyes and they’re not really that inviting.


    Relax your mind. How do you do that? You can read a book or magazine—make sure it’s not too thought-provoking). You can also listen to calming music. After taking a hot bath, lie on the bed or the couch. Make sure that you have soft and plush blankets surrounding you. It will make you feel like you’re in a cocoon, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve.


    No, don’t drink wine, champagne, beer, or anything alcoholic. Give your liver a rest. You do that enough during social events with your friends and family. Drink a healthy smoothie that will give your body the nutrients that it craves. You can make one on your own. There are plenty of recipes on the Internet that are easy to follow and with few ingredients only.


    Okay, you can get Netflix going, but make sure not to watch those documentaries that stress you out even more. Unplug from social media. Turn off your smartphone. Don’t answer messages. If it’s an emergency, your family or friends or coworkers will call you, and not text you.

    You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to de-stress. Spending your savings or using your credit card will only add to the stress you feel about life and finances. Instead, create a sanctuary in your own home. You can do it every night and not spend a dime. You can reuse the scented candle. A bottle of bubble bath will cost less than $10, and you can use that for a month or so. Make sure to do this for yourself at least twice a week. You’ll feel infinitely better and more relaxed and productive.




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