Harbour Cranes for rental.


    At Van Adrighem Group we have a wide range of harbor cranes that are customized and built to suit your specific needs. If you are seeking for a harbor crane to rent, a brand new harbor crane, or buying a used harbor crane, just send us an email or contact us through adrighem.com and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. We are also not limited to renting and selling harbor cranes, but we buy and provide services such as repair of the cranes. One of the Van Adrighem cranes we rent out and sell to our customers is Liebherr LHM 500 harbor crane.

    The Liebherr LHM 500 harbor crane offered at Website Van Adrighem comes with the following unique features:

    Versatility and all-rounder. This crane “Liebherr LHM 500 harbor crane” is a multipurpose machine able to handle a wide range of cargo from general cargo to bulk commodities, and heavy lifts of up to 100 tonnes. The Van Adrighem cranes come with equipment configuration options to cope with varying terminal designs and their different usage. Full modularity and flexibility are well utilized in this product. The rail mount or floating unit is adapted to meet all types of port infrastructure. The drive concept allows one to choose either a hybrid drive system, a conventional diesel engine system, or an electric drive system.

    Luffing cylinder. The location of the tension cylinder above the boom ensures that there is no risk of damage by swinging loads. The Van Adrighem crane has a piston rod that is enclosed in a parking position ensuring that there is no buckling.

    Hydrostatic drive. This product has closed hydraulic loops which facilitate functions such as luffing, hoisting, and slewing. This enables the crane driver to have extremely precise control. The standard use of reverse power has yielded benefits such as reduced fuel consumption. All the Liebherr LHM 500 harbor cranes found at the Corporate website van Adrighem come with this unique feature thanks to the technology.

    Machinery housing. The product has machine housing which is made up of glass fiber reinforced polymer. The glass fiber reinforced polymer makes the machine housing have a low weight and be corrosion resistance. Another feature is that the components are easily accessible in case of maintenance and repairs. For repairs check out the Corporate website van Adrighem. For more info about Van Adrighem visit adrighem.com. The risk of collision is eliminated as the swing radius is located around the support base hence the crane driver can have much greater attention to his work.

    The 4-chord boom. Van Adrighem crane rental offers a harbor crane made of a boom with a lattice design which provides effective stability hence accurate crane movement and a longer life span.

    X-shaped support base. Torsion strain at the steel structure is reduced by the star-shaped supporting base. This provides optimal vertical stability when carrying out operations.

    Tubular tower design. Force is distributed evenly to the slewing ring and steel structure by having a round tower design. This design also minimizes torsion hence a longer service life to the crane. The crane drive has secure access to the tower cabin. 

    For more information about Van Adrighem crane rental visit adrighem.com.