Home burglar alarm systems: the best alarms 2020


In this particular historical period, thefts are increasingly frequent in USA and the need to feel confident that before was not felt is becoming increasingly pressing.

Having the experience of finding yourself a thief at home or in your business at night or during the day can be a real shock that can lead us to wrong choices.

To prevent these unpleasant situations from occurring and to keep your family or even your business safe, a good solution to prevent these unpleasant events is to install good home alarm systems.

I will now try to explain how you can best safeguard the safety of your assets and loved ones by advising the right home burglar alarm kit as much as possible.

First of all it is necessary that the anti-theft device is an effective product and that it warns us in case of attempted break-ins or in case of tampering and that it manages to scare the thief and make him run away without giving him time to carry out the theft.

How do you choose a home alarm systems in Chicago?

Before deciding on the brand or model to be installed, it is a good idea to evaluate your needs which I will illustrate below:

The advice I give to my customers is to evaluate first:

  1. The size of your home
  2. The rooms you want to check
  3. The access points present

There are a myriad of anti-intrusion systems.

Cheap do-it-yourself home alarm kits are very simple to install but can represent a risk because they could be simple to defuse for the thief and therefore ensure that the system does not warn us.

These kits may be suitable for a small home, perhaps in an apartment building where the timing for a possible thief is very limited.

The situation changes markedly when we talk about large houses (perhaps isolated) or companies where the thief has more action time and is already prepared to find himself in front of an alarm system.

Wired alarms need less maintenance but are more complicated to install as the physical connection between the control unit and the alarm sensor must be set up,

For wireless home alarms, this is much less complicated as it is sufficient to decide the areas to be protected and to place the various wireless sensors.

There are also hybrid models, that is, which support both wireless and wired connection and give the user the opportunity to choose according to their needs whether to place wired sensors or wireless sensors or both.

In addition, alarms can be made intelligent thanks to the help of systems such as internet connection or GPRS or GSM which allows remote management of the system.

The alarm also, in the event of activation, sends alerts via (based on the type of alarm) with PSTN, GSM, internet with push-up notifications on the Smartphone.

This type of system can also be integrated with home automation and can be expanded with components such as video cameras, digital detectors and biometric scanners.

The cost of the accessories certainly affects the price of the alarm system, but in the same way it affects its effectiveness.

Furthermore, these sensors must be mounted correctly, which is one of the most important things.

Most of the medium-high end systems can be connected to the operations centers of private security institutes, in order to send the alarm signal directly to the processing center. In this case, after suffering the intrusion attempt, the system will send the alarm to the operations center, which will intervene while alerting the police.


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