How many types of door closers are there?


The most commonly used door closers are overhead door closers. This is especially true for commercial properties which have office conference doors. Overhead door closers are preferred on such formal settings doors as they automatically close the door. Another reason for the popularity of overhead door closers among commercial doors is the complimentary use of closer units on them. These closer units are mostly overhead units, thereby making overhead door closers the popular choice. Park Avenue lcn door closers are amazing options if you are looking for one. Let’s have a look at three different types of overhead door closers:

1.  Regular Arm

This is the standard arm closer which incorporates a pull side application. It is attached to the exterior of the door, with one arm attached to a spring-loaded box and another to the frame of the door. It is regarded as one of the most power-efficient door closers out there. However, both arms are projected out of the door when it is closed, which makes a bit less attractive.

2.  Top Jamb

Like the standard regular arm closer, this one also makes use of two arms. The arms are projected out perpendicularly when the door is closed. However, there is a major difference that exists in the location of the spring-loaded box. In the top jamb, it is located on the face of the doorframe. Moreover, top jamb door closers are also pretty power efficient.

3.  Parallel Arm

These type of door closers also make use of two arms. However, both arms in this type are situated on the top of the door when closed. The top of the push side of the door is where the spring-loaded box sits and powers the closing of the door. Parallel arm door closers are quite common with commercial properties as they significantly reduce the risk of arm getting vandalized. Moreover, compared to other types of overhead door closers, the parallel arm is pretty attractive. However, one drawback is that this type of door closers are not as power-efficient as other options.

Now that you are familiar with overhead door closers, let’s have a look at some other types which are also pretty common:

1.  Concealed

This door closer is fixed into the recesses of the frame and the door. As a result, they are easily hidden if the door is closed. There are two different variants of concealed door closers: spring-loaded and hydraulic.

2.  Surface-mounted

To fit a surface mounted door closer, a bar along the back of the door has to be installed. Whereas, door closer itself is fitted into the frame of the door. They are pretty flexible with matching the door colour and pretty compact in size as well. Moreover, surface mounted door closers are also on the less expensive side comparatively.

3.  Floor Spring

These door closers are most commonly seen around glass storefront doors. The bar fitted underside the door is responsible for controlling the closing action. These door closers are eye-catchy and also have the option to be left open.

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